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On this page, you can find the latest downloads to CollabVM (and the source code). If you don't get it or don't know, CollabVM is a website/base that allows you to host an online collaborative virtual machine that anybody can control. Mostly just for fun, but it can be used for other tasks too.

A few things, however, to note: -Anybody can do anything on your connection (if you have internet). Logs are stored on collabvm.logs and screenshots can be taken optionally as well, but that may not stop somebody from doing something malicious or even illegal on your connection.

-The internet is weird. People may do shocking and NSFW things on your virtual machine. There is an NSFW warning (this can be turned on or off)

-It's not very stable and it may crash occasionally. It is highly recommended to use the bash (or batch, depending on what operating system you are on) script to run collab-vm-server.

-Although it IS possible to have CollabVM use a physical (non-virtual) computer to be controlled, this is highly unrecommended, as people can not only mess with the hardware (with programs like SpeedFan), plus you'd have to reinstall every time it breaks or turn the computer back on every time it gets turned off.

-No audio or RDP support yet, but it'll come soon.

-Only supports QEMU at this time.

-Only uses loseless PNG, JPEG compression option coming soon.

-There are some bugs, please report them to me or even fix them and send them to me.

Features of CollabVM include:

-Supports any operating system that QEMU supports, which means practically all major operating systems can run (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc) and even some obscure operating systems for other architectures! (VirtualBox and VMWare support coming soon.)

-Supports up to 750+ people at a time, and theoretically more if your connection can handle it.

-Supports multiple virtual machines, and the homepage contains the latest screenshot from each individual virtual machine.

-Easily customizable to your liking, you have complete and full control over everything (server and website).

-Supports multiple architectures.

-Supports desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, video game consoles (such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and others) and (experimentally) gamepads.

CollabVM's documentation is also available below. Want to give it a shot? Download today!

Binary Download
Microsoft Windows Ubuntu Linux Mac OS X Android
(Windows XP SP1 or above required) (Ubuntu 12.04 or above required) (OS X 10.8 or above required) (JellyBean 4.1 or above required)
i386 | amd64 i386 | amd64 amd64 arm | i386

Source Code Download
Source (7z) Source (tar.gz)


CollabVM Documentation