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1/7/2017 - "Wow, a new server!"

Look, I totally didn't forget this section existed. See? I'm posting in it now. It might have been a while but I mean look, I did it, alright? There's a new server but I'm sure you know about that by now. It's really fast and cool.


1/14/2016 - "OMG THEMES?"

Good evening everyone. You may have noticed on the Navbar there is a new option called "Themes". Yes, it's true. Starting
today, collab-vm officially supports a multitude of themes. This includes the classic theme, a dark theme, a XP-like theme, and a few others.
We hope you enjoy and in the future we will probably add an option to customize your own. Enjoy it!


12/21/2015 - "Collab VM 1.1 released!"

Good evening everybody.

Today, me (Dartz) and Cosmic Sans (a good friend & the main coder) have officially released
Collab VM 1.1. Collab VM 1.1 has several updates to enhance the experience of this site.
Read more at the reddit post here

We really hope you enjoy this update!