Here are the rules for CollabVM. If you break any of them, expect a ban.

R1. Do not do anything illegal in the United States.

Do not perform any action that is illegal in the United States (e.g. downloading illegal content). Your IP address, user agent, and everything you type and do on the VMs are logged. If necessary, CollabVM will forward all available details to the proper law enforcement if a crime is committed through this service.

R2. No running DDoSing tools.

Do not use CollabVM to DDoS an indivdiual, business, company, or anyone else.

R3. No email spamming.

Do not spam any emails using this service.

R4. Do not abuse any exploits.

Do not abuse any exploits you find. Instead, report them to me at NOTE: RATs, TeamViewer, and other tools do not count as "exploiting" or "cheating".

R5. Don't impersonate other users.

Do not impersonate other members of CollabVM. If caught you'll be temporarily disconnected.

R6. One vote per person.

Do not use any tools (including, but not limited to, proxies, VPNs, VNCs, 2G/3G/4G connections, Tor nodes, etc) to bypass the vote once restriction. Only one vote per person is allowed, no matter what. Anybody who is caught doing this will be warned, then banned for two weeks.

R7. No drama.

Do not cause any massive amounts of chaos and drama in the chat, the VM, or anywhere on the site. (Drama involves 4 or more users fighting.)

R8. You are responsible for what you do on these VMs.

CollabVM is a proxy service. By using this service, you agree that you acknowledge that everything you do on these virtual machines is logged, and that you are responsible for any actions that you perform while you are using any of the virtual machines.