Here are the rules for CollabVM. If you break any of them, expect a ban.

R1. Do not do anything illegal in the United States or Canada.

A. Do not do any action that is illegal in the United States or Canada (e.g. downloading illegal content).

R2. No running DDoSing tools.

A. Do not use CollabVM to DDoS an indivdiual, business, company, or anyone else.

R3. No *coin miners.

A. Do not run any *coin miners (bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, etc).

R4. No email spamming.

A. Do not spam any emails using this service.

R5. Do not abuse any exploits.

A. Do not abuse any exploits you find. Instead, report them to me at NOTE: RATs, TeamViewer, and other tools do not count as "exploiting" or "cheating".

R6. Don't impersonate other users.

A. Do not impersonate other members of CollabVM. If caught you'll be temporarily disconnected.

What you will NOT be banned for.

Destroying Windows.
Being a dick. (pls don't though its not nice.)
Downloading viruses. (Unless they violate any of the rules above).

REMEMBER: You are responsible for everything you do on this machine!