Don't email me about this, I already know about it.

World 2-1 doesn't load.

That's because it doesn't exist yet.

Mario and Luigi's powerups don't carry from level to level.

Haven't looked into this yet, but I think I have a fix.

Mario's position when getting out of a pipe is a little screwy at times.

Will try to fix soon.

The score says 000000, 0 coins, etc on the lives screen.

Will be fixed in the next release.

Pressing enter for 1 player and shift for 2 is pretty dumb.

Not a top priority to fix, but I will fix it.

Luigi can't finish the level.

Will probably be fixed in the next release.

Starman doesn't bounce properly.

Yeah, still looking into how Construct 2 works. Pretty sure I know how to fix it, though.

Construct randomly errors out.

No idea why.

Luigi's controls suck.

Gamepad support has been added to Mario, I will add Gamepad support to Luigi in the next version.

There's no online multiplayer.

Not really a bug, but this is something I want to add in the future.

Mario/Luigi don't flash when they have a star.

Haven't made the animations yet.

Luigi turns into Mario when he gets a mushroom/flower.

Haven't made the animations yet.

Holding down on a floating platform will make you freeze in the air.

Yeah, gonna add better crouch physics soon.