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An example of a CollabVM machine after being destroyed by a "Forkie".
Fact: A forkie used to look like this, before they became humans. (Shikashikashika~~!)

A "Forkie" is a nickname typically given to a usually autistic person, who maliciously causes destruction or otherwise renders the virtual machines unusable to annoy, intimidate and/or troll users of CollabVM. Although their name derives from the term "fork bomb" they do not exclusively run fork bombs. A forkie may also run an executable which prevents anything from opening, deleting the registry, or other methods of blocking usability on the VM. Anti-forkies also have the same purpose. A vote for reset button was added to combat forkies along with a customized task manager, which is mostly actually successful at defeating nearly every forkie although a forkie might break the VM again immediately afterwards. Forkies were not only present on CollabVM - they were also known to be present on the similar (but now defunct) website known as

Is being a "Forkie" a bannable offense?

Many users have questioned if being a Forkie is a bannable offense.

The short answer is: sometimes but mostly no.

The long answer is that if you have a very long streak of making the VM unusable you might be banned. If you break a global site rule. For instance, creating an executable which DDoSed someone, you would likely be banned permanently.

While uncommon, constantly breaking the VM can also result in a ban, if a majority of members vote to have you banned from the VMs. This usually only happens however if you excessively abuse the VMs. You won't be banned for simply running malware or fork bombs or whatever on the VMs.

The Virus Farm is specifically designed to be abused, so you may want to check it out. nvm p sure that shits dead as hell lol