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Accounts are a brand new feature added to CollabVM 2.0. Accounts can be used to reserve usernames and host User VMs. Accounts are stored in a SQlite Database. Passwords are salted and encrypted with Argon2.

The first account registered on a fresh CollabVM 2.0 server will be automatically made an administrator, so make sure to register immediately before changing any settings.

You can (optionally) protect your account by setting up Two-Factor authentication. When 2FA is enabled, you will need to install an app, such as Google Authenticator, on your PC or smartphone. You can also optionally add your email address to receive password reset requests if you forget your password.

Registration errors[edit]

Your account is pending approval[edit]

The administrator has decided to disable public account registrations and set them up for manual approval. Try checking back in a few days or contact the administrator and ask them to approve your account.

Username is taken[edit]

The username you are trying to register has already been taken by another user. Try another name, or, if someone has registered an account under your username, contact the administrator.

Username is reserved[edit]

The username you are trying to register has been reserved by an administrator. Try another name.

Invalid Password[edit]

Your password did not reach the complexity requirements; try a stronger password.

Invalid Username[edit]

Your username did not reach the complexity requirements. Usernames require at least 3 to 20 characters and cannot contain any Unicode characters.

Login errors[edit]

Incorrect password[edit]

Your password is incorrect. If you have forgotten password, send a password reset request and try again.

Incorrect username[edit]

Your username is incorrect.

Two Factor Authentication required[edit]

2FA has been enabled for this account. It must be completed in order to successfully log in.

Account Disabled[edit]

Your account has been banned from CollabVM, usually for a violation in the Rules. How long your account is disabled for, and the reason will be displayed when you login. Do not try to evade the ban, as this will result in an another ban. Contact the administrator if you believe your ban was unfair.