I'm new to CollabVM, What should I know?

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Welcome to the website known as CollabVM.[edit]

The site where autistic faggots and forkies (this might be you) roam the lands.

What's a forkie and why does everyone make fun of me and call me one after doing anything?[edit]

To quote the article:
A "Forkie" is a nickname typically given to a usually autistic person, who maliciously causes destruction or otherwise renders the virtual machines unusable to annoy, intimidate and/or troll users of CollabVM. Although their name derives from the term "fork bomb" they do not exclusively run fork bombs. A forkie may also run an executable which prevents anything from opening, deleting the registry, or other methods of blocking usability on the VM.

What's catfork and why does apparently everyone have it, what does it do?[edit]

"Catfork" is the name to a mod of Kekero's New Collab VM userscript by d1g1talcat that adds extra buttons like dedicated voting buttons for yes/no, going in and out of the Serial0 Console, Ctrl+Alt+Deleting and even autotyping, and some styling such as greentexting (also from the original as well) redtexting and bluetexting, and hardtexting (solid black on solid white), like its original counterpart, it adds colored usernames and a block function.

How people got it is by some retard called icanttellyou posting a link to it in the public channels of our chat server, and the forkies got it and now almost all of them have it...

After that, it is now the bane of the communities existence.

also undefined asked d1g1talcat to add more features to catfork so it'll be cooler than the original, forkies won't receive it only people d1g trusts gets it :^^))^)^^)^)^)^))

Catfork has been forked (again) as CommunityFork and is now a more actively developed project, which is available here. also the above paragraph probably isn't true anymore but don't tell undefined that

Why do autists use CollabVM anyway, won't they get triggered by the users?[edit]

That's the fun and how CollabVM was intended to be used, for making fun of anyone who moves a single inch.

Who is the "Cow Man" and why do people praise him when he enters? (this section is sponsored by cowmanfag)[edit]


Website: https://cow.vg (Flooded the feature list on the 8chan homepage when CollabVM got in there by some nasty faggot trying to get our attention rates higher than intended)

Why do people add "fag" to a place if they see a person from a place they know *OR* add "fag" to the personality of a person if they see a person with said personality?[edit]

It's one of our another top secret tricks to increase forkie butthurt rates to an all time high, a number so high it's too high to be comprehensible by a ordinary human being, too high to be read and too high to be presented in a screen.

(In linguistic terms, CollabVM users seem to be often using -fag as a productive pejorative suffix.)

Why do I see Serial0 Console on an VM and how can I exit it?[edit]

Press the Keyboard button then from there activate Ctrl & Alt then press 1.
If you want to "activate" serial0 then press the keyboard button then from there activate Ctrl & Alt then press 2.