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cuteeevee.exe is a remote administration tool (RAT) made by LoveEevee for use on Collab VM. The executable resides in the Temp folder along with websocket.dll and cuteeevee.png, the first used to connect to the Cloud9 server, and the other to obstruct view. The RAT was not designed to be operated on more than one computer simultaneously, if the executable is ran on some other computer, the commands will run on both computers.


  • Move, click, and drag the mouse without having to take a turn on Collab VM.
  • Press keyboard keys and sequence of keys
  • Run commands and execute command line in a hidden window
  • Retrieve text from files and send it back to the RAT owner
  • Obstruct the whole screen with a picture of Eevee, though it's still possible to use the VM
  • Set and retrieve clipboard contents
  • Can make a screenshot of the screen and send it to the RAT owner

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