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Super HTML5 Brothers, formerly known as "CollabMario", is a recreation of the original Super Mario Bros. 1 for the NES that is currently in development. It aims to recreate the experience of the original game as closely as possible while adding new features, such as an online multiplayer mode, more characters, more enemies, a level editor, additional gamemodes, offline co-op with up to 4 players, and combine all the features found in Vs. Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros Deluxe, and Super Mario Bros 2 (aka The Lost Levels), and various official titles and fan games.

Currently, the game is in an alpha state and is not done yet, although it's at least in a somewhat playable state. You can play through the original World 1-1 with yourself or up to 16 players online.

Current features[edit]

Implemented game mechanics[edit]

Currently implemented game mechanics are everything seen in World 1-1: that is: Mario, Mushrooms/Fire Flowers, coin boxes, warp pipes, hidden blocks, multiple coin boxes, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and the Flagpole.

Currently unused but implemented and working game mechanics are Spikes and Poison Mushrooms.

World 1-2[edit]

World 1-2 is partially implemented, you cannot go into the pipe and the level is not finished yet, but you will go to this level after beating World 1-1, and eventually beating this world will go to 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, etc.


Multiplayer is fully implemented and seems to work alright. It is missing some features and isn't fully synced though, but it is playable.

Planned features[edit]

  • All 32 levels of Super Mario Bros will eventually be implemented in the game.
  • Full, accurate SMB1 recreation.
  • In the future, when everything is finished, Super Mario Bros 2 (aka The Lost Levels) will be implemented.
  • Hard Mode: After beating Super Mario Bros. 1, it should activate a mode called "Hard Mode", which players can turn off if desired, which replaces all Goombas with Buzzly Beetles, the same as when you beat the original game. This should be a toggable feature in Multiplayer.
  • Expert Mode: After beating Challenge Mode, it will unlock "Expert Mode", which will replace all Goombas with fast Spinys, replace 1-UP Mushrooms with Poison Mushrooms, replace Starman's with coins, and the removal of every bonus zone, except Warp Zones. Also, some spikes will be added to the level in Expert Mode. This should be a toggable feature in Multiplayer.
  • Settings: Settings for the game, both for singleplayer and multiplayer should be added, with settings like increasing the amount of coins required to obtain a 1-UP, what character to play as, controls, enabling/disabling hard mode, etc.


  • cheatsEnabled -- Determines if cheats are enabled. By default, this is set to 0. If this is set to 1, players can press C to add 50 coins, P to add 100,000 points, L to add 1 life, and I for invincibility.
  • challengemodeEnabled -- Determines if "challenge mode" is enabled. Challenge Mode is similar to a mode seen in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe where the goal is to collect all the red coins and Yoshi eggs for medals, but this time, the goal is to collect every Red Coin and Yoshi egg, in order to unlock Hardcore/Expert Mode.
  • extraLifeCoins -- Determines how many coins are required to obtain a 1-UP/Fire Flower, similar to a feature found in Vs. Super Mario Bros arcade machines. By default, this is set to 0, for 100 coins.

If this is set to 1, 150 coins will need to be obtained for a 1-UP/Fire Flower, If set to 2, 200 coins will be required, if set to 3, 250 coins, and if set to 4, then you cannot obtain a 1-UP/Fire Flower through collecting coins.

  • friendlyFireEnabled -- Determines if "Friendly Fire" is enabled. By default, this is set to 0, which means friendly fire is disabled. If set to 1, users will be able to hurt other players in Single Player/Multiplayer by shooting fireballs at them.

Note that this feature does not disable other methods of "friendly fire", e.g. another player kicking a Koopa Troopa/Buzzy Beetle shell and it killing another player could be considered "friendly fire", but is not disabled even if this is set to 0.

  • giveFireFlowerCoins -- If this is set to 1, players will receive a Fire Flower instead of a 1-UP upon obtaining 100 (or more) coins.
  • hardModeEnabled -- Determines if "Hard Mode" is enabled. When this is enabled, all Goombas will be replaced with Buzzy Beetles, all enemies are faster, and all platforms will be shorter.
  • hardCoreModeEnabled -- Determines if "Hardcore Mode", aka Expert Mode, is enabled. When this is enabled, all Goombas will be replaced with Spinies, all enemies are faster, and all platforms will be shorter. In addition, all 1-UPs are replaced with Poison Mushrooms, Starmans are replaced with coins, spikes are added to the levels, and levels generally have more pits. This is for super players only. This mode can be unlocked by completing Challenge Mode.
  • minusWorldEnabled -- Determines if players are allowed to access the "Minus World". In the original Super Mario Bros, a glitch level, nicknamed the Minus World because of its appearance as "World -1", can be accessed by clipping through a wall in World 1-2. This glitch is fixed in Super HTML5 Bros, but the goal of this game is to replicate the original SMB game, including all of its strange glitches/bugs, so this will allow you to "clip" through the wall to get to the Minus World.

In the NTSC/PAL versions of the game, World -1 is a clone of 7-2 which is not possible to beat because the pipe you enter puts you back at the beginning. However, Super HTML5 Bros fixes this by instead directing you to World -2 (an underwater 3-4) and World -3 (an overworld 3-4) after entering the pipe, which both exist in the real game. As the real game freezes on World -4, upon completing World -3, players will be directed to World 1-3 instead of World -4. The minus world is different in the Famicom version of the game (see below).

  • minusWorldMode -- Determines what "mode" the Minus World is in. The Famicom/NTSC versions of the game have different Minus Worlds, so this option determines if the game should load the NTSC Minus World or Famicom Minus World. If set to 0, it will load the NTSC Minus World, while it will load the Famicom Minus World if set to 1.

The Famicom World -1 is, instead of 7-2, an underwater 1-3. World -2 is a clone of 7-3, and World -3 is an underground version of World 4-4. Once again, there is no World -4, so players will be directed to World 1-3 after completing World -3.

  • isConnected -- Determines if the player is connected to a online session or not.
  • isOnline -- Determines if the player is in an online session or not.
  • isPausingAllowed -- Determines if players can pause the game. If set to 0, players cannot pause the game. Note this is not used in Multiplayer, because pausing is always disabled in Multiplayer.