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Operating System Description Boot Time Size
Smallest computer chess program ever written at 487 bytes. (Boot floppy) ~0.3s 1.44 MB
MS-DOS Clone, has nasm, vim, debug.com, and some games and demos ~1s 0.7 MB
Very basic graphical operating system written in Assembly. (Now includes Internet!) ~45s 1.44 MB
Linux 2.6
Extremely minimal LiveCD of Linux, featuring the 2.6 kernel. Has busybox, lua interpreter, and test cases ~17s 5.4 MB
Linux 3.18
Extremely minimal LiveCD of Linux, featuring the 3.18 kernel. It has busybox, telnet, ping, wget, and internet access. (To get internet, run dhcpcd) ~55s 7.4 MB
MikeOS 4.5
Extremely minimal operating system written in Assembly. 1s 1.44 MB
MS-DOS 6.22
Original MS-DOS 6.22 from 1994. (Live floppy) ~5s 1.44 MB
Boot Floppy of OpenBSD ~38s 1.44 MB
Solar OS
A very basic graphical operating system. ~2s 1.44 MB
Windows 1.01
The very first edition of Microsoft's Windows. ~1s 1.44 MB

Custom Setup

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Floppy disk image
Hard drive disk image

Memory size MB
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Boot order
CPU Type

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