- Rules -

Here are the rules for CollabVM. If you break any of them, expect a ban!

R1. Don't break the law.

Do not use CollabVM or CollabVM's network to violate United States federal law, New York state law, or international law. If CollabVM becomes aware a crime has been committed through its service, you will be immediately banned, and your activities may be reported to the authorities if necessary.

CollabVM is required by law to notify law enforcement agencies if it becomes aware of the presence of child pornography on, or being transmitted through its network.

COPPA is also enforced, please do not use CollabVM if you are under the age of 13 years old.

R2. No running DoS/DDoS tools.

Do not use CollabVM to DoS/DDoS an indivdiual, business, company, or anyone else.

R3. No spam distribution.

Do not spam any emails using this service or push spam in general.

R4. Do not abuse any exploits.

Do not abuse any exploits, additionally if you see someone abusing exploits or you need to report one, please contact me at: [email protected]

R5. Don't impersonate other users.

Do not impersonate other members of CollabVM. If caught, you'll be temporarily disconnected, and banned if necessary.

R6. One vote per person.

Do not use any methods or tools to bypass the vote restriction. Only one vote per person is allowed, no matter what. Anybody who is caught doing this will be banned.

R7. No Remote Administration Tools.

Do not use any remote administration tools (ex: DarkComet, NanoCore, Anydesk, TeamViewer, Orcus, etc.)

R8. No bypassing CollabNet.

Do not attempt to bypass the blocking provided by CollabNet, especially if it is being used to break Rule 1, Rule 2, or Rule 7 (or run stupid over-used things).

R9. No performing destructive actions constantly.

Any user may not destroy the VM (rendering it unusable constantly), install/reinstall the operating system (except on VM7 or VM8), or run bots that do such. This includes bots that spam massive amounts of keyboard/mouse input ("kitting").

R10. No Cryptomining

Attempting to mine cryptocurrency on the VMs will result in a kick, and then a permanent ban if you keep attempting. Besides, it's not like you're gonna make any money off it.

- Bot Rules -

Developer? The rules below apply to bots, and automated scripts, alongside the Rules by themselves.

R1. No participating in vote resets.

Any bot/automated script may not start or participate in vote resets. This includes commands which allow it to vote yes/no or start a vote reset.

R2. No responding without user consent.

A user must have to specify something, i.e. a direct message (@ChatBot), command prefix (e.g. +help), or something similar - bots/automated scripts may not respond to every message.

R3. Bots/Automated scripts must follow all user rules.

Bots/Automated scripts must follow all normal rules in addition to Bot rules.
Bots/Automated scripts may have any command so long as it follows the above rules.