The VNC Resolver is now powered by an API which can be used to fetch information from the service. Note that requests are rate-limited to prevent abuse. Documentation is scarce right now (sorry), but all output is in JSON and is pretty straightforward.

Fetching a random VNC server:

This endpoint always returns a completely random VNC server.

$ curl https://computernewb.com/vncresolver/api/random

Fetching a specific VNC server (via ID):

This endpoint is useful if you have IDs from a /api/random or /api/country/[country] response.

$ curl https://computernewb.com/vncresolver/api/id/49606365

You can also use country ISO 3166 codes. To fetch a server in Romania, for example, you can run this:

$ curl https://computernewb.com/vncresolver/api/country/RO

Fetching a random VNC server by ASN (Currently doesn't work):

This endpoint (which doesn't exist since the scan doesn't have ASNs in it) would allow you to get a random VNC server by ASN.

$ curl https://computernewb.com/vncresolver/api/asn/AS16276

Fetching current stats:

This endpoint retreieves the current status of the API backend and the number of VNCs in the database.

$ curl https://computernewb.com/vncresolver/api/stats