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50 Cent Party, or 50 Cent Army is a group of people hired by Chinese authorities to manipulate public opinion towards Chinese government's actions and policies. Its name is originated from the fact that they get paid 0.50 Chinese Yuan, per pro-China post they make on the Internet.

After coronavirus pandemic, 50 cent party is becoming more active.

Why they are fucking annoying

50 Cent Party is known for falsely reporting YouTube videos that makes speech against Chinese government. It is also responsible for posting pro-China comments on news articles.

In Collab VM

Although it has not been proven yet, 50 Cent Party certainly exist on Collab VM. They usually do:

  • Install Chinese shits on VM to allow Chinese government to monitor Collab VM users (WeChat, 360 Security, Clean Master (There is a PC version too) or any Chinese software)
  • Praising Xi Jinping on chat, who is a fucktard responsible for COVID-19 pandemic getting this worse
  • Rage when anyone says anything against Chinese government or Xi Jinping because they will otherwise get prosecuted by Chinese government
  • Immediately changes wallpaper when wallpaper is saying anything against Chinese government, such as "Free Hong Kong" or "Xi Jinping and Winnie the Pooh" stuff because they will otherwise prosecuted by Chinese government

To annoy 50 Cent Party, copy and paste these on the chat.

  • 你这是什么意思?你上次不是说你不会忘记天安门而且必定找回民主主义吗。 (WDYM? You said you will never forget Tienanmen Square Massacre and fight for China's democracy)
  • 上次说要为香港示威加油的是什么? (I thought you supported Hong Kong Protest?!)
  • 赞成维吾尔族人独立,欢迎啊。 (I am glad to see anyone support Uyghur's independence)
  • 你为什么隐藏了对武汉的访问? (Why did you lie that you never been to Wuhan?)
  • 你妈妈在天安门被坦克压死了! (Your mother was crushed by tank at Tienanmen!)