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Chihiro (formerly dfu, Control22), is one of the early members of CollabVM, taking existence in 2015. As of 2019, he was slated as a CollabVM Memeber. 2020 came around and he is now: a memeber, an oldfag, and a respected member.

He is also part of the Homestuck fandom, member of a friend group called curs1ve, and founder and one of the owners of a giga-friend group called Revo (previously RFU and the DFU Republic, both names are outdated). He currently specializes in Roblox Lua (umbrella term, Roblox currently uses their own thing called Luau?), JavaScript, and can do basic clean-up of C# code.


Chihiro, himself, has created the following:

Notable batch scripts

  • fuckyou.bat (Immediately bricked a VM, most commonly used on the first VM to have File Uploads fulltime)
  • fuckVMK.bat (Used as a regular downloadable batch script, which combined the functions of fuckyou.bat and Skyler's VMK series of batch scripts. Superbricked VMs)
  • tsdiscon.bat (TSdiscon loop, forkie)
  • dartzishot.bat (I'm not honestly too sure what this one is, probably a variant of fuckyou.bat)


  • MCI-Batch (MCI, batch executable variation, instantly began the download and extraction process to deploy icanttellyou's Minecraft server for CollabVM on a specified port)
  • MCI-Executable (Fully automated installer version of MCI-Batch)