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A sandbox game made by .cab file using Unity3D, still in development.

Only for Windows (because unity doesn't lets the creator to fucking export to osx and linux for some reason), x86 (32-bit, later) or x64 (64-bit).


Those are features that make the game weirder/funnier/more fun:

A jetpack

This one is not so interesting, but it was made only for the game to look less unrealistic

A very weird player controller

The player controller currently used in the game is the "Rigidbody FPS Controller". It is very weird, but it allows for other objects (like explosives) to interact with it (the old one was the "FPS Controller" and it was bad in the way of rigidbody shit, but more stable than the one used now)

Being able to grab and drag objects from nearly any distance

Yes, you heard that right. You can literally grab and drag any object at ANY DISTANCE. A rocket is trying to escape? A cube is about to fall into the sea? No need to worry, just try to grab it. If you fail that's your problem.


As of writing this page, there's 3 explosive objects: Dynamite, Bomb and Rocket. You can get more info at the Objects subpage.

Unity Standard Assets

too lazy to get proper assets or make some myself

A lot of "its not a bug, its a feature" moments

Here's some examples:

  • If you gain speed in a direction (high speed forward, for example) and you rotate then the speed will still continue relative to the direction you rotated to.
  • The jetpack can send you straight into space, just like you can do with bombs/rockets.
  • The "Bomb-Fly" - a method to fling yourself into any direction (obviously also upwards) using a bomb, a rocket or basically anything that can send you in a direction with high speeds.



The game is not done yet to be released. And when it will, it will be available mainly on Cab's repository, but might also be on other sites/hostings, like AyeHosting and Eluerp.