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There are several objects that you can spawn in the game:

Normal objects

All* of them also have a random material set when they're spawned.

*this may change in the future


Lecube.png "Nothing really special, but its fun to throw them"

The main object you will likely use when building something.


Ball.PNG "The only object in this game with less than 1 unit of mass"

Like Cube, but lighter. Can be fun to watch one fall on a ramp.


Stuff that explodes (no shit sherlock). All* of them activate when pressing the H key.

*this may change in the future


Tnt.PNG "Warning: Explosive! Press H to activate"

Fun fact: it used to look like a single small but kinda tall cube.


Bobm.PNG "Warning: Dangerously explosive (and loud)! This is the heaviest object in the game, press H to activate"

No additional description, the in-game description already said everything needed(?).


Rocet.PNG "Warning: Fast and explosive! Press L to launch, H to activate"

The (currently) second heaviest object in the game. Also the only object that can move by its own.