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[[File:DiscordIcon.png|frame|Current Discord Icon]]
=FUCK YOU NIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1=V
The '''CollabVM Official Discord''' is a wretched hive of scum and villainy <s>the Discord server for all CollabVM Related things (''no shit, sherlock'')</s>. It was first created by [[Vanilla]] in late 2016(?), but was later transferred to [[Dartz]] and made official.
In the near-end of December 2018, the Discord Server officially closes down, and you can only enter with a private invite. (Old, and invalid Invite link: bmZ42UG.)
You can no longer enter the CollabVM Discord without a private invite, and below, is now a gateway to the past of the Discord.
[[CollabVM Discord/Joining Without a Shitstorm|Tutorial: "Joining Without a Shitstorm"]]
insert shit if you actually understand the discord idk
The Discord is moderated by an [[Forkies|EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL]] moderation team of what seems to consist of a bunch of retards who don't know what they are doing, we will name them for you because you don't even know them: Technoturnovers, [[LoveEevee|kekero]], Geodude ((DEAD FOR FUCKS SAKE)), [[Ctrl]] and [[CHOCOLATEMAN]].
Pretty much every moderator has access to the [[Admin Panel]]. Since Dartz is never online, all of the decisions and moderation are done in a very anarchy-like manner by general consensus. Essentially, if everyone hates you, to the point you are targeted to go to the Sun in a couple of days, you get b&. In order to become admin, you need a time machine to 2016 and 2 stacks of pots of gold. Whatever that means.
Anybody can join and have access to the following channels:
* #rules - for the imaginary and unenforced rules of the Discord
* #announcements - for when an admin wants to ping for absolutely no goddamn reason
* #public - where you and your fellow forkies go to shitpost and talk about CollabVM
* #vidya - the retard video game containment zone. By the way, we don't care about what you like.
* #cool-things - for cool things that aren't actually CollabVM related. There also lies the efficiently stacked endless orgy of ip grabbers, advertising, begging for roles, old shit from 2016 and more.
* #music - for posting music <s>(it's an empty wasteland lol)</s>
* #vnc-resolver - for the vnc resolver part of [[CollabBot]]
* #spicy-memes - these spicy memes are 100% spicy
* #collabbot - See [[CollabBot]]
* #opencollabbot-testing - literally opencollabbot testing
* #github-updates - literally github updates for dartz's projects
* #suggestions - the containment zone specialized for weaponized beggars and autists for topics such as: begging for someone to be banned, begging for roles, begging for a working release of CollabVM 2.0, and begging for shitty garbage music bots
* #nsfw-spam - for your gay shrek furry bukkake hentai
* #vc - voice chat for those who can't be fucking bothered to get a microphone
Voice channels:
* 🔊 autistic screeching - this causes your ears to die yes
* 🔊 gayming - vc for vidya gamers
* 🔊 hell - for making yourself go deaf
The CollabVM Official Discord has been private since 2018 due to a mass amount of newfags and the dreaded [[Vacbedlover]].
A list of the wacky characters:
* Alt accounts
* Inactive users
* Newfags
* [[Calub Veeim|yellows's shitty calub veim account]]
* [[DFU]] manager of autismo inc and blowcocks sperg
* [[Dartz]] OMG WEN WIL U FINSH 2.0/!?!?!?#1!?!!??
* <s>[[Vanilla]]</s> <s>he left</s> <s>he's back</s> <s>hE LEFT AGAIN</s> joined and left
* <s>[[Keurig]]</s> <s>Cobalt Fluoride</s> <s>Keurig The Axolotl</s> <s>Thaddeus</s> <s>who fucking knows</s> he's a cockatoo fuck
* <s>[[Dinkleberg]]</s> some weird crown emoji => [https://emojipedia.org/black-chess-king/ ♚]
* <s>[[FluffyVulpix]]</s> He ragequit and deleted all of his accounts and won't answer his phone. RIP
* [[Hannah|Hannah alts]] They're not here anymore!!!! Probably.
* [[Naltronix|Pisstronix]]
* <s>[[Matthew]]</s> <s>Banned for being an asshole</s> <s>He's back</s> He finally escaped from CollabVM Syndrome
* [[Modeco80]] Watches a unhealthy amount of Love Live. "Professional" C++ Programmer.
* [[JEWS|WIN32]]
* Aqua the carpet shitting vaporeon, used to be [[Moist Vaporeon]].
* <s>[[Wulf715]]</s> <s>Banned for being an autist</s> <s>he's back</s> the faggot left because "p-peoepl lekd muh kalub viem email!!!1111" (also he plays fortnite because he's a sperg)
* [[Yellows111|yellows111]], that fucking person that put a [http://computernewb.com/w/images/2/2b/Yellows111_as_a_pure_autist.png pillow on his head]. His twitter was full of bloat because he loved linking his twitter to everything he manages the CollabVM IM accounts. Responsible for the existance of Calub Veeim.
This Discord is a pile of shit and you should never step near it. Good thing the invite is now private.
==Other Discord Servers==
There are still some other CollabVM Discord servers, all of which are dead. Here is a non-complete list:
; CollabVM - forkie land
: Owned by Vanilla. Meant to be used as a public server before the Official Server opened up. No active moderators. [https://discord.gg/RGEk7ny Invite Link]
; Collaborative Virtual Machine
: Owned by Matthew. Dead, and new members can't post in #general because you need a manual role. [https://discord.gg/SwRV6zy Invite Link]
; "Official Secondary Server"
: Only mentioned in [https://old.reddit.com/r/collabvm/comments/5vl0n6/collabvm_discord_servers/ this old reddit post]. Invite link is dead.
; CollabVM Republic
: Owned by Technoturnovers. Deleted due to inactivity.
; The Turnover Lounge
: Owned by Technoturnovers. Deleted during forkie rage
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=FUCK YOU NIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1=V