CollabVM Server 1.x/Ports

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This page references older versions of CollabVM and its server, therefore, (some parts, or the entirety of) the information is irrelevant to the current version of the software.

Below is a list of CollabVM Server ports.


Version OS Architecture Maintainer Download
1.2.8 Linux 64-bit x86 Dartz Download
1.2.8 FreeBSD 64-bit x86 Dartz Download
1.2.7 Linux 64-bit x86 Dartz Download
1.2.7 Linux ARMv7 CHOCOLATEMAN/Modeco80 Download
1.2.7 Linux 32-bit x86 Dartz Download
1.2.7 Windows (msys2) 64-bit x86 CHOCOLATEMAN/Modeco80 Download (unstable!)