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Naltronix is a nigger forkie, worse than Hannah, who likes to constantly ass-rape the vm. Many of his ways, which cannot be fully mentioned are


  • Killing services.exe/lsass.exe
  • Running viruses that have already been ran 10 million times (notable examples include Gruel or MEMZ)
  • Hitler ransomware


  • copy /dev/zero /dev/mem (does not work on debian)
  • copy /dev/zero /dev/sda
  • sudo rm -rf /

He is the worst possible forkie, because instead of being creative, he just runs the same thing over and over, killing the vm in the same ways. Dartz should honestly consider banning him. Not only this, but he is a gay (admitted), faggot, nigger, retarded, forkie. He is also a furry. Just like Dan.