FTP Forkies

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FTP Forkies are a subset of forkies who destroy the (no longer existing) CollabVM FTP. Therefore this information is now irrelevant and is now only presented for historical purposes.

Types of FTP Forkies


The Indexfriend is a type of FTP forkie which adds an index.html into any folder of the FTP, which causes the page to be overwritten with the corresponding index page, forcing users to either have the file removed or use an external FTP client. As files cannot be deleted by regular users due to the risk of abuse, an admin must delete the file.

As of October 17th, 2018, this forkie is fixed; users can still upload an index.html but users must click the file to load it.


The Spacefiller is a type of FTP forkie which adds junk files to the FTP, causing disk space to be wasted or the FTP root to load indefinitely, causing a denial of service attack. These types of attacks are usually quickly cleaned and result in a ban.

It is pointless to fill the FTP as it takes forever and the FTP is large enough (4 terabytes, 2 terabytes for the 2 FTPs) and won't run out of disk space that easily.


The Filebomber is a type of FTP forkie which goes around looking for directories and then uploads file(s) intended to bloat up the folder of its unsuspecting owner.

Such files (but not limited to) include: 'sethrogan.png' and '!!!!! !! ! !!!!!Anne Puts Her Foot Down!.mp4'.


The Reversefriend is a type of FTP forkie which attempts to hack into the FTP server by uploading a PHP that loads in a reverse shell.

However, this fails miserably because the FTP server has PHP disabled for the FTP directory.