How to mod a Wii

This page references older versions of Wii exploits, therefore, (some parts, or the entirety of) the information is irrelevant to the current version of the software.

The recommended method is str2hax. However, if str2hax is down, choose Bluebomb.


This guide uses an exploit in the EULA called "str2hax" to install the Homebrew Channel onto your Wii.

Configuring DNS

To prepare for the exploit, we will need to change the DNS server. Navigate to the Wii Options button, go to "Wii Settings," then go to Page 2. Press Internet, then Connection Settings, then select the connection being used right now. Press Change Settings, then press Auto-Obtain DNS. Select No, and then go to Advanced Settings, also in Auto-Obtain DNS.

Set the Primary DNS to and then set the Secondary DNS to Press Confirm, and then save the changes. Select Connection Test, and then skip the perpetual Wii System Update that appears after you change the DNS settings. If it didn't succeed, the str2hax servers are probably down, and you should try Bluebomb instead.


Go back to the Internet section in Wii Settings, then press User Agreements. Select Yes. If there's a pony, you've successfully triggered the exploit! In about two minutes, the HackMii menu will appear. Wait thirty seconds, and then press 1 to continue from the scam warning window.


This guide uses an exploit in Bluetooth called "Bluebomb" to install the Homebrew Channel onto your Wii. This is also the only Wii exploit that works on Wii Mini.

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Press Continue. Select the Homebrew Channel and install it. Press Continue when it finishes.

Note: To completely install BootMii, you need an SD card to put the BootMii files on. HackMii handles it by itself.

Press back and select BootMii. If you can install BootMii as boot2, do so. Even if you installed BootMii as boot2, install it as an IOS too. Select Continue once more, and then exit.

BootMii NAND backup (optional but recommended)

NOTE: Optional but highly recommended. Requires an SD card with at least 512 MB in the Wii.

Open the Homebrew Channel, press the home button, and then press "Launch BootMii."

You must navigate BootMii by using the Power button on the Wii itself to navigate through options, and the Reset button on the Wii itself to select options.

Select Options (the gears), then BackupMii (the green arrow). This will start the NAND backup. Bad blocks are normal, they are nothing to worry about! Once the backup is finished, press any button on the Wii console to exit the NAND backup screen. Press the Back button with the non-green arrow, then select either the Wii Menu or Homebrew Channel buttons (A reminder: We're still using on-console buttons!) to exit BootMii.

Installing Priiloader (optional but recommended)

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Using cIOS (optional)

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