How to start Warcraft III on Intel 965 Express Chipset

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This article describes how to start Warcraft III on the Intel 965 Express Chipset.


Recently, I ran into a problem trying to start Warcraft III on an old notebook running Windows XP, with the Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family adapter. The computer hung and showed a message box saying that igxprd32.dll had stopped working and that the system had to be rebooted to restore display functionality. A few times, I have even had a BSOD appear.

Below I will detail how I fixed the problem, although this might only work on this specific chipset, I'm not sure.


  • Create a shortcut of the Warcraft III executable and place it on the desktop. Right click and change it to the following:

"C:\Games\Warcraft\Warcraft III.exe" -swtnl then hit apply.

Then the game will start up with no problem.