Loskythecopydog77 (Real name: Michael Seminario), also known as Michaelosky, Juan Seminario Michaelosky, Lucky 7M, and Lusty, is a youtuber, modder, and is also known for being a disgusting manipulative crook, noggot and a creep who loves sexually harassing people.

If you deny it, you are a Loskyfag, and a retard.


He has sexually harassed and forced a poor boy named ItzCrazyScout, and others, to do disgusting sexual roleplays with him. In the words of his victim, ItzCrazyScout, himself: "I got proof that Losky sexually RP'ed with me, and also manipulated me to do fetish RP's with him... But i didn't have enough to show, because of a sudden severe flashback from him while looking in his DMs... Here is one!".

He has faked his own girlfriend "Ariana" since 2017. He has secretly revealed it to ICS.

He also claims that his NSFW channels in his old server "is a joke", but it was taken seriously by him and others. which caused him to lose friends when he RPed with them. It wasn't even a joke at all. His members put shock content in there, even ACTUAL porn. It was never a joke. His fans and himself took it seriously.

There is some proof that losky was acting weird, sexually roleplaying, causing others to RP with him, and many other weird shit. However, he claims that the nsfw stuff he did "is a lie". He was attacked by users, communities such as TMAFE, and TRC due to the same reason of the NSFW shit he has done to other users, causing him to lose friends such as: Enzo, Lenten, Mel, etc.

Unfortunately for him, he has an annoying sister. which does cringy animation memes, and also crappy videos.

His discord server's members are hypocrites and treat victims like they are punching bags.

Losky himself has sexually roleplayed with victims such as: Lenten, Itzcrazyscout, Mel, Enzo, Gary, and others; There is some text of him sexually roleplaying with the victims in the gallery.

Proof Gallery, and Immaturity of his community

Dear.. God. You thought losky wasn't bad? think again. He is THAT bad. Take a look.

Losky when he gets exposed

Known texts of Losky's RPs with his victims

Losky: *vores victim* Shown tons of times.
Losky: *dick grows back* This was in a former DM Group
Losky: aw seriously? but it's actually losky This was when he was trying to eat ICS
Losky: *eats piece of victim* This was when he was trying to eat ICS
Losky: want some pie I swear to god this is weight gain fetish, he said it was Seamus's Fault but he caused it himself. he manipulated Seamus to make it happen.
Losky: *goes in his crush's ass* His crush is his teacher at his school
Victim: *vores losky* can we go back to the show now? This part is from his victims being manipulated to rp with Losky. The victim is named Mel, she was a long-term victim of Losky since late 2017.

Victims when they saw NSFW in losky's server

Defenders of the Creeper

There are defenders of this disgusting, creepy user such as: Soundcard, Zetar, etc They also don't understand the actual proof of his actions. The truth is misunderstood by Soundcard, and he thinks that Seamus is the one who started the "losky beef". Or was it? Losky's Sexual RPs caused a massive drama against him known as the "Green Warfare". It is still called "drama war" by losky, which is a stupid name for a massive drama like that.

Due to his whiteknights harrassing ItzCrazyScout, He closed his discord account and moved to a former parody account of Losky. named "Green Man"


  • "Seamus's drawing is bad" - yours too
  • "STOP" - no
  • ":(" - crybaby
  • "drama war" - crappy name
  • "..." - u angry?
  • "BFDI" - objectfag


He started out as a retard called Michaelosky before turning into just losky or Loskythecopydog77, after shitting out the mine song videos all year long he decided to die out. Then Baldi's Basics was released and losky got an instant boner for it and made 2 reskin mods. And then made a discord server and harrassed people, the end.


Losky's dickriders, also known as fanboys are 12-yo fuckers who worship everything losky says. Literally, if Losky ever said "@everyfanofmine fuck you" they would worship that, they are like puppets. They also milk the hatred of ICS and also make fun of his golden-past. This almost caused ICS to strangle himself using a dog chain, Which made his family worried. The person known as Fret makes fun of ICS's sentences and calls him """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""funny"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""".

Vynny's response