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SandVM (long: Sandbox Virtual Machines [lolwut?]) is a closed-source CollabVM bootleg hosted by some larping retard known as SplitXPlayZ (who identifies as female) [SPLIT YOU BITCH I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONE], created in 2019. The current version for SandVM v1 is 1.2.10, with Split's security patches added [I doubt it adds much of anything]. SandVM was first hosted on a Windows computer, and it got backdoored many times, it used to use 1.2.8 back then.

The current [beta?] version of SandVM is 2.0, which is running a fork of CollabVM Server 2.0. [I hope your server memleaks to all hell]

SandVM is not on a stable server, and in fact is never online.

She also depends on Gogo to do 90% of the work for her (literally almost everything) and yes she was a "verified discord bot developer" and is incapable of managing libraries, finding a binary and USING A FUCKING SEARCH ENGINE!!!

Split is currently on a "operation" to find Gogo and to annoy the fuck out of him and bother him constantly about the exact same bullshit over and over again. (yes even after gogo left collabvm entirely)

UPDATE as of 2021/03/19 split no longer "owns" sandvm (i still dont completely get it) and now gogo is taking care of the rest of the problems as of now if you are interested to know how well its going feel free to scream at him on the official collabvm discord for ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!!!! UPDATE AS OF probably idk when fuck off i am not a calendar you asswipe split now "owns" sandvm again (???) what the fuck so uhh she is currently assfucking the already cosmic-code assfucked website with a bunch of bootstrap js scripts slapped on top of it, and it has many grammatical mistakes as usual, although hopefully it should probably not blow up?? (most likely will be not up as usual because what's to be expected from a barely functional cvm mirror that's been beaten by many other ones that the dumbest forkies host themselves which are based off of cvm 2.0 for some ungodly reason)

What caused the turbo speed of retardation to begin?

(insert date here) on gogo's former server which no longer exists for a good reason, split decided to guilt trip everyone in the chat after faking being in a hospital after a 'suicide attempt' (yes she is one of those) and upon getting banned by a admin split made a threat on her discord bot's server that she was gonna release the dms between gogo and split, she then removed the original message and replaced it with another one framing them as a "bullying group" and continuing to threaten to release the dms, a few days later split decided to call gogo various slurs and also advertise sandvm constantly on collabvm gogo responds with the dms being publically released to absolutely everyone on a folder named splitdm/. this was a complete dump of the dms publically avaliable for everyone to see and the reasoning behind this was not only was gogo constantly being pressured over this threat, he was also trying to prove his innocence that he did nothing wrong (which turned out to be true). Split has also given many ddos threats to collabvm which resulted into sandvm being nuked up the ass, she would also cause a shit load of drama on the official collabvm discord making everybody's day fucking miserable.


it is pure concentrated autism and only autism.


The way split advertises sandvm is that she comes up with stuff like 'no censorship' and that kind of garbage and also constantly advertises it on vm chat or asks one of the users to do it themselves, although as most collabvm users will know no censorship would result into people opening child pornography (which is actually a problem in sandvm i wonder why). The irony about all of this is split actively CENSORS certain people (mostly admins/mods from official collabvm) (a great such example is Gogo) from being able to use the website normally or even at all. Her most recent advert campaign is to start adding a bunch of collabvm admins/mods and even users on discord and start dming them updates about sandvm to pursue them onto visiting the website effectively acting like a telemarketer. She also attempted to advertise on reddit and thus she got banned and any topic or anything related to sandvm got banned from the collabvm reddit.

Current VM List

SandVM currently "hosts" (probably dead as usual) the following VMs:

  • Windows XP Professional x86
  • Windows 7 Professional x64
  • Windows 8.1 Pro x86
  • Windows 10 Enterprise x64
  • Lubuntu 18.04 x86

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