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Use this template on a user's talk page to notify that they have been blocked.

{{Blocked/Talk|Vandalism|5 days|HolyNetworkAdapter}}

will produce:

Stop icon
You have been blocked from the CollabVM wiki for the following reason: Vandalism. It will expire in 5 days.
You can contest this block by simply replying to this message. Sign your name with four tildes (~~~~)
This block was done by HolyNetworkAdapter.


Argument 1: Reason for block (e.g. Vandalism, recreating deleted pages with the same content)
Argument 2: Duration of the block (If you blocked for 5 days, put 5 days.)
Argument 3: User who blocked (You do not need to put the User: part, it is done for you)

For users

Only administrators should be able to use this template. It is not for you to use.

Indefinite blocks

Please use {{Blocked/Talk/Indefinite}} instead, it has the exact same arguments.