The DFU Tribe

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About The DFU Tribe

The DFU Tribe, also known as the "Tardtribe" by others, is a group of specially trained autists that managed to aid in the event below.

The Defaggoting

The defaggoting, also known as the great fuck, was a big fuck during CollabVM 1.x era in which the great fucking blues, aided by local tards, systematically murdered sixty quintillion vacbedlover alts started cloning themselves using proxys until they reached the population of tards between 2018 and 2019. actual faggots were targeted for extermination as part of a larger event during the defaggoting overkill, in which CollabVM and its autists persecuted and murdered other ugly fucking reds, including forkies (actual retards that have no lifes), persecuting the actual tards, the "cute owo's", autistic fuckers and green niggers such as literal jews and followers of vacbedlover, and possibly mark. Taking into account all the victims of CollabVM fucking, the death count rises to over 69 fagtillion, with a recent 420 fucktillion, equating to about 69.420 fagtillion.

Members of the DFU Tribe

Members of the DFU tribe include:

  • yellows111

the special

  • dfu

god himself

  • (w/r)eese


  • insano

green pacman niggerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs - insano 2019

  • Xx_cbt_master_420_xX

Cock and ball torture (CBT), penis torture or dick torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the male genitals. This may involve directly painful activities, such as genital piercing, wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play, tickle torture, erotic electrostimulation or even kicking. The recipient of such activities may receive direct physical pleasure via masochism, or emotional pleasure through erotic humiliation, or knowledge that the play is pleasing to a sadistic dominant. Many of these practices carry significant health risks.

  • mdmck

the guy who fucked himself over in every way possible in every possible scenario

  • kubapolish