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Windows 10 is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It was released in July of 2015 and has been constantly updated since. It was replaced by Windows 11.

Windows 10 logo
RTM July 15, 2015
Release to public July 29, 2015
Last major update 22H2
Family Windows

Windows 10 included major new updates intended to enrich user experience, such as the new Microsoft Edge browser and the Cortana virtual assistant. However, these features ended up being the frequent subject of ridicule because they were implemented in a way that made them intrusive. Take for example the Microsoft Bing search engine set to default on the preinstalled Edge browser, which will claim that Edge is faster than other browsers when you search for another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.


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Windows 10 has many problems and exploits lying around, and surely many more to be discovered. Two of the most prevalent bugs as of January 2021 are the NTFS corruption bug and the BSOD link bug. The NTFS corruption bug corrupts the Master File Table of the NTFS file system. It can be executed through using the cd command, a normally innocuous tool that changes the directory. The BSOD link bug will crash the computer when a specific link is visited. That bug happens because a Microsoft Employee forgot to add a Null Check into a system function.