Windows ME Lite

Windows ME Lite is the world's worst Windows modification ever made.

it was released in 2017 as a way to make fun of people who compare the hot piece of garbage Limbo PC Emulator with QEMU.

Speaking of hot piece of garbage, this is better than Windows CTAC in EVERY single way due to not shoving a shitty Enderman inside joke into your face all the time.

Forkies hate this version of Windows ME due to its Fork Bomb Immunity, basically meaning that 90% of the Fork Bombs they make DON'T WORK!

this OS is hosted on the uservm page by Gogo268 himself.

System Requirements (yes really)

  • 386SX Compatible CPU clocked at 25Mhz
  • 8 MB of RAM
  • 340 MB IDE Hard Drive
  • Cirrus Logic 5446 PCI


  • Broken driver support
  • Slowest GDI rendering speeds on the fucking planet
  • Broken icons on the Desktop
  • and alot more

List of Games that work

  • Moorhuhn 1
  • 3D Pinball Space Cadet
  • All of the windows card games
  • WinDoom (the win 3.1 port of doom)
  • Japanese DOS/V Games
  • Regular MS-DOS Games (Only VGA games)
  • Reversi