"Wandows Pissta" UserVM

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A random screenshot of this UserVM

The "Wandows Pissta" UserVM is a UserVM made by DarkOK. It runs Windows Vista x64, along with an SMB share with everything that people want to save between VM resets. There was no "vote reset" button.

It has become a trend on the UserVM to keep this UserVM forkie-proof at all costs, and people did legitimately do a great job at doing so. The longest lasting session was 2 days long! That's what made this UserVM so special.

Of course, even if a forkie went on there, the UserVM had System Restore points and a Windows recovery disc ready in case of system damage. DarkOK would only have this UserVM up if he had a way to quickly stop any forkie.


This UserVM originally started in December 2020, but it was only up for a little bit for being just a test. It was also up during the time where the UserVM area wasn't easily accessible (the Go to UserVM button was still replaced with Experimental VM).

It went back in February 2021. The UserVM had a Windows Live Messenger account, which allowed people to message it and let other people see your message. The machine had ChomikBox installed along with an account tied to it.

The machine also has Avast Antivirus installed (sometimes), which may sound like a bad idea considering it's running on a VM, but it helped keeping forkies out. It also made a couple of forkies and people that tried to install BonziBuddy mad. (fuck the purple monkey, long live the hamster).

This period of the UserVM was magical, with various movies being created with Bandicam and Windows Movie Maker Classic.

Sadly, the UserVM went down due to DarkOK having not much time to moderate the VM.

oh well it came back for like the 7th time. ~mv_