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The Admin Panel is, as the name suggests, an administrator panel that controls VMs hosted on a CollabVM Server. Anybody who accesses the admin panel will have full control over the virtual machines that are being hosted on the server. As with any administrator panel, this can potentially be used as a weapon of mass destruction.


Admin Panel in CollabVM 1.2.10
Admin Panel in CollabVM 1.2.7
Admin Panel in CollabVM 1.2.3


  • Add, delete, and update virtual machines.
  • See the current status of any virtual machines.
  • Reset any virtual machine.
  • Stop, start, and restart any virtual machine.
  • Configure chat mute times, chat spam rates, and maximum connections.
  • Enable and disable the CollabVM Agent, as well as File Uploads, which is used on the Virus Farm. (Requires restart)
  • Enable and disable vote resets, which can be switched on and off while a VM is running.
  • Enable and disable restoring after shutdown. (Requires restart)
  • Enable and disable snapshots. (Requires restart)
  • Send QEMU commands to a selected virtual machine (with support for commands such as "info block").

Users with access to the Admin Panel on the official CollabVM