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Andrej Akan
Username(s) jjjj, Andrej, Trycs, Nina005, Dove
Nationality Unknown
Years active 2018 - Current
Status Active
Problematic user (Forkie) Yes

"Andrej Akan" is an imaginary persona created by Nina005 approximately four years ago (2018), representing a mentally ill 16 year old schizophrenic manchild with a feces and prolapsed anus fetish with a superiority complex, a ravenous desperate and addicted Kit/Bouncer user who will stop at no bounds to continue his overusage of it, a supposed "servant" of the schizophrenic personality "Janus" who is thought to be "God" and supposedly has an entire "Botnet", or a mixture of both.

He is a forkie who loves, almost addicted, to constantly destroy VMs, always by either: Kit/Bouncer, Fake OIETIF, deletion of the HKLM registry hive or jjjj Ransomware. He is inherently, and was designed to be, anti-fun. He has a massive, and I mean, MASSIVE ransomware hyperfixation that is rivaled only by Hildaboo's own.

He constantly impersonates people he doesn't like on the site and occassionally terminates random people he doesn't like on Discord. His true country of origin is unknown, but he has been presumed to be from either Pakistan or Croatia.

He is famous for having grammar so bad and terrible someone, somehow, wanted to compile a list of hilarious quotes he has said over the course of a few years he has been on this planet Earth. Here it is: Click here to see all the quotes! (warning: IT'S LONG AS FUCK!)


  • He has the world's smallest penis measuring at 0.1 mm -- New research suggests it could be 0.00000019 millimeters, which is so small that it requires looking at a microscope at astronomical levels of zoom
  • He constantly tells everyone that he "made them" and a lot of other nonsense bullshit.
  • He constantly says "U don't know my location!" and spergs out when someone points "it" out.
  • He has no idea what "kupteraz" means.
  • He doesn't know what "cum" or "router" means.
  • He always pretends to be sick so he can go to CollabVM.
  • He has no life and is mainly bored.
  • He is also a pedophile who wants to fuck minors.
  • He also claims that he's a robot. He's a human, not a robot.
  • He also claims that he lives in Pakistan, but in reality, he lives in Croatia, but everybody knows, he lives in neither and that Nina005 is the real retarded faggot.
  • He also threatened to take down YouTube accounts to others outside of CollabVM:
  • He is also in denial after someone proves that they can fix a PC from his shitty MBR overwriters.
  • He claims to have no PC. (how retarded)

Andrej Akan's accounts Nina005's LARP accounts

  • YouTube channel: [redacted]
Known names: first blood, Leurak Vinesauce
  • Discord account:
previous: Andrej Akan#???? Discrim: five, zero, six, six
current: Amogussucks#???? Discrim: zero, four, three, four
Known names: Andrej Akan, Amogussucks, Leurak Vinesauce
  • GitHub account:
current: [*B*lood, *F*irst] [(0+2)-(1-2), (0+1)+(1-2)]

About @andrejnkv on Twitter/Instagram

Since I always see people saying @andrejnkv [1] is andrej akan's twitter/instagram account:

It is NOT Andrej Akan and it is some random person with the same name "Andrej" and so you are only harassing someone random on the internet.

Andrej Akan lives in croatia while the person behind that twitter/instagram account lives in Scotland

Andrej Akan ONLY took his profile picture to claim it as his face

Did you know that Andrej Akan is a...


He constantly abused Discord's user reporting system to terminate random users he doesn't like and one of the many people he keeps rent free inside his head, e.g. His faggot friends, DarkOK, Hildaboo, nyxdote, Coo and Undefishin


He constantly pointlessly impersonates random people and tries to hide his identity, usually failing miserably because of the way he acts and his grammar. You would have to be a dumb enough retard to believe his LARPs!

Con artist/Imposter

He impersonated icantcoomyet and successfully tricked DFU into giving him the unsanitized version of collabbot (Collabbot had two now-banned destructive commands, .lastmeasure and .kit. For safety reasons, when giving the bot source code out, these commands were usually hidden away)


Meaning Andrej used Kit so much to the point it was even banned by Dartz himself as confirmed when it was made a rule violation in September 2019(?) [2].


He used the Kit command for malicious purposes, going around and destroying the VMs everywhere he went. Initially, before Andrej got a hold of it, Kit was used rarely and kept largely secret.


His actions on Discord extend far beyond the mass false reports of the many users he hates, he often seeks Discord servers to find random users and otherwise particular ones he keeps in his head all day to false report and afterwards get terminated.

One of them was (the now defunct) DFU Republic 2, (initially) DFU's personal server for his friend group to which the invite was public (contextually if you were part of it), which (eventually) became a massive friend group server (in the later parts of RFU Republic/Revo).


Andrej Akan



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