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  1. Oh assembly is very hard
  2. How to load Gif in C++?
  3. Oh no
  4. Who dislike?
  5. And thanks to Leurak to give this VineMemz to me
  6. I'm shared on youtube
  7. Is say is private Trojan and don't share but
  8. Hahaha this is original
  9. If not original
  10. not payloads work property
  11. But all payloads works perfect
  12. Yes see on video
  13. Work
  14. I'm tested
  15. you cannot test VineMemz
  16. You have a shit virtual Machine
  17. Ask нарруие$ my friend that make video
  18. Is real VineMemz
  19. if you have Shit virtual Machine i'm not resposible
  20. You make this in Console application or Windows Application ?
  21. but png2bin not work
  22. I'm installed Pillow
  23. and not work again
  24. i tryed this and give me error for script
  25. and for MEMZ not work
  26. for MEMZ not work how to fix this?
  27. I don't understand python
  28. I'm not brag
  29. But you script leurak
  30. not work
  31. Picture?
  32. Tell me how to fix
  33. What is remove from
  34. Not working as it is tell error
  35. No you go to Ban
  36. Hey Leurak i'm find 14 assets for VineMemz only thanking one more to 15 final assets
  37. ?
  38. I'm read the rules says not asking for give link for malware I'm not ask for give link for download malwares i'm say how to download
  39. Leurak Good News for you
  40. I'm tested My Own VineMemz on Windows 7
  41. Here is the result
  42. OMG I'm Get on BonziBuddy and my Virtual Machine is crash
  43. Started Windows 7 Virtual Machine and get this
  44. I'm good programmer Leurak?
  45. OMG  WTF
  46. "Leurak VineMemz is works on Windows 7,8 and 10"
  47. Why not working on Windows XP?
  48. Leurak not ignoring everything
  49. But why I'm not good programer leurak?
  50. "Leurak I'm not ignoring you, you not shared VineMemz assets but I'm make own assets"
  51. I'm Maked video from Opaserv.L worm
  52. MEMZ is very easy to compile
  53. I'm compiled MEMZ 3.0
  54. and send to my friend
  55. without warning
  56. Is very easy to compile this
  57. Leurak's malware is very easy to compile
  58. Oh
  59. When Leurak post code?
  60. No code posted ):
  61. Leurak is say
  62. "Source Code will be coming soonâ„¢, because I have to improve the rushed code a lot, add disclaimers and stuff..."
  63. I don't understand why add disclaimers?
  64. Leurak why add disclaimers on Bonzify?
  65. Oh why Leurak add disclaimers why?
  66. I dont understand
  67. No add the code Because Bonzify is fake
  68. No you are fake
  69. If bonzify real add the code
  70. But no real
  71. Windows is real because is exist
  72. Bonzify not Exist
  73. Leurak can't publish
  74. Because code is rushed
  75. Yes
  76. Ok
  77. Uh oh
  78. Leurak added disclaimer i'm removed would like to put back?
  79. No
  80. I'm not have this
  81. If have don't compile VineMemz
  82. Leurak you no have autism
  83. You
  84. Pp
  85. Leurak why you have autism?
  86. I hate assembly
  87. Ultrasonic you a shit
  88. Because use Console Sybsystem
  89. int main()
  90. Hahahahaa
  91. Use this
  92. "int _stdcall WinMain(HINSTANCE hInst, HINSTANCE hPrevInst, LPSTR lpCmd, int nCmdShow)"
  93. Yes
  94. Bonzify is fake trojan???
  95. Leurak you removed license for Bonzify
  96. Why?
  97. Leurak i used MIT for Bonzify
  98. but removed
  99. I'm compiled
  100. But overwrite MBR not work
  101. Because you shit programmer
  102. Say Error replacing MBR
  103. Yes i'm maked run as admin
  104. Is require administrator privilegies
  105. 7
  106. LOL
  107. If try to end I'm read exe and get BSOD
  108. I'm Use Windows App
  109. Not console
  110. Because Windows App is better
  111. And Windows App is useful to debugging
  112. To Console App if you run get popup
  113. On Windows Application not get popup
  114. Nothing but VineMemz and MEMZ maked in Windows Application not console
  115. Not only Leurak use this
  116. this use the Malware Creator of real viruses
  117. I'm compiled with Windows Application
  118. I'm read.exe
  119. And working
  120. Ultrasonic why is typing me to I'm read.exe?
  121. And how you maked if End Task I'm Read.exe get Bsod?
  122. I'm get BSOD
  123. If try to End Task I'm Read.exe i'm get bsod
  124. And why Payload MBR not work?
  125. Give me Picture to work for you
  126. Ultrasonic you have Windows 10 VM?
  127. And how you maked PayloadMBR?
  128. LOL
  129. You can make operating system with assembly?
  130. Can you compiled MS DOS in assembly?
  131. Yes
  132. Can you compile?
  133. You can compile MS-DOS or not?
  134. Ultrasonic can you Compile MEMZ?
  135. Ok
  136. Can compile VineMemz?
  137. You testing viruses?
  138. LOL
  139. Ok ill
  140. Because you fake virus creator
  141. With CriticalMode you crash Windows?
  142. Give me you viruses to test
  143. In private chat
  144. Because you fake virus creator
  145. You maked this?
  146. Other viruses created?
  147. Why Ultrasonic you add warning to I'm read.exe?
  148. VineMemz vs Ultrasonic
  149. Who win?
  150. You can encrypt HDD with assembly?
  151. What?
  152. 1000 messages to train?
  153. hey leurak can give me link from vinememz?
  154. I'm try to compile this and give me errors
  155. How to change?
  156. "I'm trying to compile VineMemz is done, how to make a .img file from dead.jpg? Python script to compile jpg to .bin 256 color not working can give me leurak disc.img from dead.jpg?"
  157. Leurak i'm compiling VineMemz and give me an errors can help me?
  158. I'm Compiled Vinememz and give this error c:\users\pc\documents\visual studio 2010\projects\vinememz\vinememz\payloads.cpp(32): error C2039: 'payloadFunction' : is not a member of 'PAYLOAD'
  159. Leurak for VineMemz needs Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2015 minimum?
  160. Leurak you gived the link of VineMemz for Siam Alam Can give me link of VineMemz compiled to test on a VM pls Leurak to sent me link of VineMemz .exe file on this email address [email protected] thanks!
  163. dm4uz3 How To Fix MBR And Back Windows 8 normally?
  164. "dm3uz3 VineMemz Kill Following Files: logonui.exe, taskmgr.exe, msconfig.exe, explorer.exe, shutdown.exe taskkill.exe, mmc.exe But FixMbr and Startup repair is not Helpful but this files deleted Windows unable to start"
  165. Leurak how to find assets?
  166. Can sent me to email link from the assets?
  167. Yes I'm Read the rules
  168. Assets from vinememz why not shared publicly?
  169. Don't ask for malicious files Leurak why give the VineMemz оn siam alam?
  170. Why is reasons to VineMemz not shared publicly?
  171. source code is useless without assets
  172. But Leurak what is reasons why assets not shared publicly?
  173. Leurak 1 question
  174. Assets of VineMemz contains .cur files for payload change cursor?
  175. Hi Leurak how to download malware samples for
  176. Leurak my friend make video for my vinememz
  177. I'm Compiled VineMemz and works on last asset Bonzi buddy
  178. Leurak thanks for giving me vinememz
  179. Are you sure?
  180. But i'm give to my friend
  181. my friend is make video
  182. Ok
  183. But thanks for giving vinememz
  184. Oke
  185. I'm compiled Vinememz
  186. The Language in video is romanian
  187. My Friend is romanian
  188. I'm going to run on real PC
  190. Leurak very easy to compile vinememz
  193. I'm compiled and remove the warnings
  194. My Friend is going to share VineMemz globally
  195. "But since yours is the source code, I must get permission from you"
  196. Are you give me premissions to my friend share VineMemz Globally?
  197. Oke but sorry
  198. My Friend already shared for 1000 friends
  199. "I'll tell him to stop, but I do not know if he will obey me"
  200. Pls  Leurak I do not get mad
  201. OMG My Friend Destroys his computer
  202. My Friend i get mad for me
  203. but I'm not guilty
  204. Description of VineMemz is 7z Setup SFX (x86)
  205. Company is Oleg N. Scherbakov
  206. And Icon of 7zip
  207. Do you have a premissions for change Oleg N. Scherbakov to Leurak Company?
  208. Company Name is Not affliated with Leurak?
  209. Such a company does not exist
  210. Yeah
  211. Build VineMemz and for Deskription Copyright set the
  212. Copyright © Oleg N. Scherbakov
  213. You have requested a copyright permission of SFX for VineMemz?
  214. Set Icon of VineMemz SFX Icon
  215. VineMemz is Finally compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  216. I'm Tell my friend
  217. Hi Friend this is a newer version of Sfx
  218. My Friend: Oke lets download and test it
  219. My Friend: OMG I'm Open Sfx and my PC got hacked
  220. With vinememz
  221. and reboot the computer grand dead image
  222. Of course I know
  223. "If I did not know, I would not even try to compile VineMemz"
  224. AllinTecsan you  test my VineMemz?
  225. I'm make video for CIH virus
  226. LOL My friend maked
  227. leurak if you run cih on compatible hardware your bios is overwritten
  228. overwrite the hdd
  229. and bios
  230. What happened if you run 1000 CIH viruses in same time on Windows 98?
  231. And BIOS is compatible for payload
  232. Flashing BIOS
  233. What happened?
  234. Leurak if you hardware compatible to bios deletion payload your bios is very badly fucked by cih and you try to access to your bios is error bios corrupted and unreadable
  235. Leurak My Friend Make Video for bonzi payload on vinememz
  236. NOTE: I LOVE C++
  237. I make video about Spaces Win9x virus
  238. No download link
  239. No download link
  240. WTF
  241. How to get VineMemz Trojan?
  242. Yeah
  243. My Dude Maked video about this
  244. Download the Spaces.Win9x.Virus is on a your own risk
  245. I'm not violating rules on YouTube
  246. It does not violate the rights on YouTube
  247. I'm old 20 years man
  248. I'm ask youtube for this says you not violate the rights on YouTube
  249. I'm send email for administrators on youtube about malware links
  250. Says not violate the rights on YouTube
  251. Not have a image
  252. I'm have 51 videos on channel and not get the warning about violate on YouTube
  253. Leurak i'm not make video for MEMZ and VineMemz but is not real viruses i'm make video only for real viruses and put link in description
  254. MEMZ and VineMemz and all viruses  made for you is maked is a joke not real
  255. I'm Compiled VineMemz and all payloads working including bonzi payload but my friend make video for VineMemz on real PC i'm not make because is VineMemz NOT A REAL VIRUS!
  256. "I'm not make VineMemz for me, make for public"
  257. I'm make VineMemz and MEMZ 3.0
  258. Leurak i'm make VineMemz but not giving for you
  259. and make MEMZ 3.0
  260. Sorry for upload
  261. I'm make VineMemz real leurak
  262. Leuker 2 Do not exist
  263. Leurak Can make virus to destroy BIOS?
  264. Danooct1 you have error in VineMemz
  265. "not MagSetFullscreenColorEffect(&effect);"
  266. "BOOL MagSetFullscreenColorEffect(PMAGCOLOREFFECT pEffect);"
  267. And CreateThread on VineMemz is error because
  268. Error in payloads.h
  269. "not , #pragma once, #include ""memz.h"", , #define PAYLOADHOST(name) DWORD (WINAPI name)(LPVOID parameter), , typedef struct {,     int startDelay;,     int delaytime, delay, runtime, times;, } PAYLOAD;, , #define PAYLOADFUNCTIONDEFAULT(name) int name (int times, int runtime), #define PAYLOADFUNCTIONVISUAL(name) int name (int times, int runtime, HWND hwnd, HDC hdc, LPRECT rekt, int w, int h), #define PAYLOADHEAD, , extern PAYLOAD payloads[];, extern const size_t nPayloads;"
  270. This is worked
  271. "#pragma once, #include ""memz.h"", , #define PAYLOADHOST(name) DWORD (WINAPI name)(LPVOID parameter), , typedef struct {,     PAYLOADHOST(*payloadHost);,     void *payloadFunction;,     int startDelay;,     int delaytime, delay, runtime, times;, } PAYLOAD;, , #define PAYLOADFUNCTIONDEFAULT(name) int name (int times, int runtime), #define PAYLOADFUNCTIONVISUAL(name) int name (int times, int runtime, HWND hwnd, HDC hdc, LPRECT rekt, int w, int h), #define PAYLOADHEAD, , PAYLOADHOST(payloadHostDefault);, PAYLOADHOST(payloadHostVisual);, , extern PAYLOAD payloads[];, extern const size_t nPayloads;"
  272. Tested alll payloads work not 2 work
  273. I'm Compiled VineMemz
  274. Who guy?
  275. Ok
  276. Leurak when you publish Bonzify source code?
  277. Leurak my friend make new video for VineMemz
  278. with all payloads fixed
  279. 😄
  281. I'm find all assets and build VineMemz with assets and all payloads works fine
  282. Thanks Leurak for source code
  283. Leurak when you publish bonzify source code?
  284. Is very easy to build VineMemz
  285. Seems like is very easy to build bonzify
  286. Oh Joel pay you 1000 dollars to build VineMemz and Bonzify?
  287. VineMemz is publish
  288. Why not Bonzify?
  289. Why publish VineMemz?
  290. Oh Bonzify is not published because is not real virus is fake virus or joke
  291. "Bonzify, MEMZ, VineMemz and all your build viruses is a Joke Leurak"
  292. Leurak can you make Operating System with name Leurak OS?
  293. Leurak OS vs Windows OS
  294. Who is win?
  295. No exist
  296. Yes i'm have this image for VineMemz Payload looks like 13.bin
  297. Leurak can you make Joel OS?
  298. Leurak why you not make Petya Ransomware?
  299. Leurak can you make own MBR ransomware with key?
  300. Leurak can make MBR ransomware in C++ without assembly?
  301. oh
  302. "WriteFile(v3, L""Ooops, your important files are encrypted.\r\n"",              ""\r\n"",              ""If you see this text, then your files are no longer accessible, because\r\n"",              ""they have been encrypted. Perhaps you are busy looking for a way to recover\r\n"",              ""your files, but don't waste your time. Nobody can recover your files without\r\n"",              ""our decryption service.\r\n"",              ""\r\n"",              ""We guarantee that you can recover all your files safely and easily.\r\n"",              ""All you need to do is submit the payment and purchase the decryption key.\r\n"",              ""\r\n"",              ""Please follow the instructions:\r\n"",              ""\r\n"",              ""1.\tSend $300 worth of Bitcoin to following address:\r\n"",              ""\r\n"",,             0x432u,,             &NumberOfBytesWritten,,             0);,           WriteFile(v3, L""1Mz7153HMuxXTuR2R1t78mGSdzaAtNbBWX\r\n\r\n"", 0x4Cu, &NumberOfBytesWritten, 0);,           WriteFile(,             v3,,             L""2.\tSend your Bitcoin wallet ID and personal installation key to e-mail "",,             0x8Eu,,             &NumberOfBytesWritten,,             0);,           WriteFile(v3, L""[email protected]\r\n"", 0x38u, &NumberOfBytesWritten, 0);,           WriteFile(v3, L""\tYour personal installation key:\r\n\r\n"", 0x48u, &NumberOfBytesWritten, 0);,           WriteFile(v3, lpBuffer, 2 * wcslen((const unsigned __int16 *)lpBuffer), &NumberOfBytesWritten, 0);"
  303. Like NotPetya Ransomware
  304. This is destroyed my boot
  305. This is how to trash 10 sectors on Hard Drive
  306. I'm this time testing VineMemz on Windows 8.1 VM
  307. Leurak LOL
  308. Leurak thanks you to give me VineMemz
  309. TNX
  311. Yes leurak
  312. but VineMemz destroyed my VM
  313. how to fix?
  314. Not troll is real
  315. WOW
  316. System32 is not deletable
  317. Leurak you boot in Recovery CD
  318. and rd /s /q System32
  319. An completly deleted
  321. VineMemz is not magic
  322. is Fake
  323. but killing by registry
  324. I'm modifed VineMemz to display message VineMemz by Leurak and send to my friend
  325. Lol my friend run is on real PC
  326. leurak can give me your permission to share VineMemz for all?
  327. source code is public but EXE not public
  328. I'm build EXE and all payloads working
  329. Why not work on Windows 7?
  330. Leurak how to make VineMemz work on Windows 7?
  331. Find what?
  332. I'm run VineMemz on Windows 7 and tell me problem in MAGNIFICATION.DLL bla bla
  333. For Windows 8 and Windows 10 works with no problem
  334. Leurak MagInitiliaze problem and MagSetFullScreenColorEffect
  335. to remove it works on windows 7
  336. but no payload change colors
  337. What?
  338. But Windows 7 not have support for change colors on screen
  339. Not broken
  340. I'm fixed
  341. Have assets
  342. is very easy to fix VineMemz
  343. but how to make works on Windows 7?
  344. Leurak
  345. you say VineMemz Windows 8+
  346. You build custom bonzi installer?
  347. What is the eye?
  348. Leurak you builded the Custom Bonzi Installer?
  349. like 3.bin
  350. ???
  351. I'm maked Custom Bonzi installer Leurak is very EASY!
  352. Leurak VineMemz code is not broken
  353. "You missed the     PAYLOADHOST(*payloadHost);"
  354. and
  355. "void *payloadFunction;"
  356. in payloads.h
  357. Leurak you don't publish Bonzify because is fake virus install Ms Agent and corrupting files and message expand dong
  358. Leurak you builded MEMZ and makes with 7-Zip SFX Maker to run install in temp and data for VineMemz install in  temp is very easy to make
  359. Leurak how you load frames from Bitmap in c++ from VineMemz for drawing dicks payload?
  360. Yes
  361. But how to put frames in bitmap?
  362. Thanks
  363. But how to save 60 files as BMP in imagemagick?
  364. Who is command to put all files in 1 BMP on ImageMagick?
  365. Leurak why VineMemz not work on Windows 7?
  366. MagSetFullScreenColorEffect Magnification.dll Error Bla bla
  367. You have assets?
  368. "I'm have all, but not have dicksimg payload"
  369. I'm use magick.exe montage dicks.gif dicks.bmp
  370. Bmp is created
  371. and test on VM VineMemz payload
  372. not work
  373. I display blackscreen
  374. but is put single BMP is work
  375. Like this
  376. Leurak what is command to put 60 bmp to 1 bmp with frames?
  377. Leurak what is command to put multiple files in bmp using imagemagick?
  378. Leurak you make custom Bonzi Installer in Silent Install Maker?
  379. Yes i'm make another Bonzi Installer if you run Nothing happening install in %temp% directory and install MaAgent and Tv_enua.exe hidden
  380. Is worked
  382. tv_enua.exe /Q
  383. VineMemz.exe = MEMZ.exe
  384. And ReadOnly
  385. 7z Setup SFX Maker is extract to %temp% and run
  386. in hidden mode
  387. and if you try to run again 7z Setup SFX maker.exe contains VineMemz tell you error could not overwrite %temp%\MEMZ.exe Access is denied!
  388. LEURAK
  389. My Friend Fixed
  391. I'm go to share VineMemz in global world
  392. All payloads works
  393. Install bonzi hidden
  394. and kill explorer display few MsgBox
  395. and run Bonzi
  396. If click END MY PAIN or Kill Bonzi
  398. Yes
  399. Thanks Leurak so Much for your source code
  400. Not you image
  401. I'm make my own image
  402. HAHAHA
  403. I'm have 60 frames
  404. Leurak can give me license to share new VineMemz in global world?
  405. 09:21 PM;I meant @Andrej Akan#5066
  406. Leurak you can't copystrike me
  407. Because i'm compiled VineMemz
  408. And fixed errors
  409. And remove warning
  410. Yes
  411. And share tommorow in global world
  412. My friend tomorrow make video for VineMemz with download link
  413. "In you license on GitHub I'm read if compile this software, you have license to share it"
  414. No
  415. No
  416. Siam Alam maked video
  417. Channel not terminated
  418. Your VineMemz is fake
  419. My is better
  420. Leurak but you for VineMemz say
  421. "Copyright (c) 2016 Leurak, , Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy, of this software and associated documentation files (the ""Software""), to deal, in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights, to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell, copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is, furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:, , The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all, copies or substantial portions of the Software., , THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ""AS IS"", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR, IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY,, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE, AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER, LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM,, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE, SOFTWARE., © 2018 GitHub, Inc."
  422. So thanks Leurak
  423. I'm have download link
  424. What?
  425. But license give me hereby granted permission
  426. And i'm compiled VIneMemz
  427. and Why Leurak asked me not?
  428. Why?
  429. I'm not steal you work
  430. I'm maked custom Bonzi Installer and all assets
  431. and tested on VM
  432. Worked perfectly
  433. But you put license for VineMemz
  434. VineMemz is Legal
  435. Is extracted all files to %temp%
  436. data folder and MEMZ.EXE
  437. MEMZ.EXE is VineMemz
  438. And run it
  439. Bonzi is works for me
  440. And dickspayload worked perfectly for me
  441. and for VM on my friend
  442. Leurak
  443. all payloads works correctly
  444. i'm tested
  445. Oh
  446. Why i'm unable to run 2 VineMemz in same time?
  447. WHY?
  449. TO RUN 2 VineMemz
  450. Haha i'm shared to my friend my friend runned on real PC
  451. Write for what?
  452. My Friend try to run 1000 VineMemz in real PC
  453. but fail
  454. Why?
  455. VineMemz is compiled
  456. but say this
  457. No
  458. My Friend try to run 1000 VineMemz and get this
  459. My Friend get this
  460. how to fix Leurak?
  461. I'm compiled and all payloads work Leurak
  462. But Easy to run Multiple VineMemz
  463. Go to %temp%
  464. and run MEMZ.exe
  465. So you VineMemz is fake
  466. My VineMemz is used to trash 100 sectors on HDD
  467. And overwrite MBR
  468. so not only MBR
  469. But if only MBR overwritten
  470. My Friend restore files
  471. but all sector is overwritted
  472. Whach this testing my own VineMemz
  473. with my dicks payload xD
  474. But why If run my VineMemz
  475. cant open task manager?
  476. and CTRL+ALT+DEL?
  477. Doent't allow?
  478. But Petya Ransomware still writing to other sectors
  479. WTF
  480. I'm compiled but VineMemz need Win 8+
  481. Tested on Windows 8 and Window 10 works perfect
  482. Not work on Window 7 and older
  483. Why?
  484. Man VineMemz need Windows 8+
  485. Windows 7 and older not support MagSetFullScreenColorEffect
  486. Yes
  487. but
  488. PayloadChangeColors not work on Windows 7 and older
  489. Yes
  490. PayloadChangeColors changing colors on screen
  491. "Requirements,       , Windows version    Windows 8 [desktop apps only] Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps only], Target Platform    Windows"
  492. Header    magnification.h
  493. HAHAHAA
  494. i'm builded and working
  495. I know build instructions
  496. Is easy
  497. My PC is not a toaster
  498. My PC is the best
  499. No this is your PC
  500. Yes
  501. Because MagSetFullScreenColorEffect target Windows 8 +
  502. Replace of Windows 10
  503. Replace MAGNIFICATION.DLL on Windows 7 of Windows 8.1
  504. Leurak who make Petya ransomware?
  505. How?
  506. How compile GoldenEye ransomware?
  507. Give me the code
  508. If you can
  509. And VineMemz is MIT
  510. How to compile GoldenEye ransomware?
  511. Give me code Leurak
  512. How decompile?
  513. Give me pls
  514. I'm pay you 1000 Btc
  515. Can give?
  516. Lol
  517. Oh no
  518. I'm run VineMemz on real PC
  519. Oh
  520. I think is VM
  521. Oh nooo my PC is destroyed
  522. Pls help
  523. Tryed
  524. No
  525. Wtf
  526. This is my real pc
  527. I'm get bonzi
  528. And button end my pain
  529. Unable
  530. Screen is black
  531. And bonzi on screen
  532. And button end my pain
  533. I'm click on end my pain
  534. Lol
  535. Message Rest in piss forever Miss
  536. Click ok on rest in piss?
  537. My PC crashed
  538. Let's reboot pc
  539. Omg
  540. What the fuck
  541. Wtf
  542. Help me pls
  543. What is gentoo?
  544. Is linux
  545. How to run VineMemz on Linux?
  546. I'm have bolbi trojan
  547. Bolbi vs Bill Gates
  548. Bolbi win
  549. Because Bill Gates made windows
  550. And bolbi destroy win
  551. You have bolbi?
  552. Bolbi is not exe
  553. Is vbs
  555. with VINEMEMZ
  556. Tell me how to fix this?
  557. Oh no my PC die
  558. but i'm have copy of VineMemz
  559. to share in global world
  560. You want a link from VineMemz?
  561. Ok
  562. Maybe Leurak no
  563. but with License
  564. i'm have full permission on VineMemz
  565. And license to modify and distribute
  566. Why?
  567. ??
  568. License of VineMemz say this
  569. "MIT License, , Copyright (c) 2016 Leurak, , Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy, of this software and associated documentation files (the ""Software""), to deal, in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights, to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell, copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is, furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:, , The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all, copies or substantial portions of the Software., , THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ""AS IS"", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR, IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY,, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE, AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER, LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM,, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE, SOFTWARE."
  570. But
  571. I hate Assembly to much
  572. Yes i'm have Bolbi
  573. Work
  574. On Windows 7 to 10
  575. I'm tested
  576. Yes but
  577. I'm host rpdbfk.exe on new host
  578. WayBackMachine
  579. so Easy
  580. I'm send link on new host
  581. Leurak
  582. You test my VineMemz?
  583. Leurak
  584. Video for VineMemz download
  585. Is monitaized?
  586. Yes
  587. And Leurak on the video who install bonzi?
  588. Leurak is need to install Bonzi to VineMemz work?
  589. Leurak
  590. How know is not monitaized
  591. Is test my VineMemz?
  592. Yes but Leurak why you change name to compiled Leurak?
  593. I know
  594. But why VineMemz not work on Windows 7?
  595. Why?
  596. Leurak when you publish Bonzify????
  597. Yes i'm compiled MEMZ 3.0 and VineMemz
  598. need Bonzify
  599. Leurak is compiled this
  600. but no posted source code
  601. Ohh
  602. What is disclaimer?
  603. Why need warning?
  604. What?
  605. Stupid people run?
  606. How to stupid people get this?
  607. Get what?
  608. Wha is  llugnuto?
  609. But stupid people so stupid to click on virus?
  610. And what is Spend Dog?
  611. Leurak thank you for MIT License
  612. "Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy, of this software and associated documentation files (the ""Software""), to deal, in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights, to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell, copies of the Software"
  613. Why?
  614. No
  615. Still Oleg N. Scherbakov
  616. View video
  617. And to put VineMemz
  618. Is Information
  619. Oleg N Scherbakov
  620. This is official share VineMemz
  622. I'm trusted people he Leurak
  623. But i'm share in global world
  624. With share on everyone
  625. Why?
  626. Leurak
  627. you happy?
  628. to share VineMemz in global world?
  629. What?
  630. No
  631. HAHAHA
  632. I'm share VineMemz to my evil Friend
  633. HAHAH is runed
  634. PC DEAD
  635. If have VineMemz why not?
  636. IS LEGAL
  637. Yes
  638. and Respect
  639. VineMemz no have parrents
  640. This is pic of You
  641. Yes Cancer is have smokers
  642. Leurak
  643. Why changed you nickname?
  644. First Leurak answer to my question
  645. What???
  646. Yes added
  647. What is dm?
  648. Death mach?
  649. What?
  650. I'm added disclaimer
  651. It's true
  652. Yes
  653. No
  654. Proof?
  655. You no have proof
  656. Give me picture to disclaimer
  657. Fuck you
  658. Why?
  659. Oh wait
  660. You a cunt
  661. You is a smooker
  662. Of dicks
  663. You a cocksucker
  664. You go to block
  665. Leurak
  666. Why changed your name to compiled Leurak?
  667. Yes but i'm shared VineMemz
  668. Leurak i'm maked Leurak.exe
  669. I think to share this
  670. Give me license to share this PLS
  671. "Respect each other, no bullying, harassment or drama shit."
  672. Pls
  673. VineMemz vs Leurak.exe
  674. i'm testing
  676. I'm go to make Compiled Leurak.exe
  677. and Decompiled Leurak.exe
  678. icacls C:\Windows\Leurak.exe  /Grant Users:F
  679. I'm Vbs or Exe?
  680. If a vbs
  681. simply write this
  682. "Key.Regwrite ""HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\AlternateShell"",""notepad.exe"", ""REG_SZ"", Key.Regwrite ""HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\ComputerName\ActiveComputerName\ComputerName"",""Bolbi"", ""REG_SZ"", Key.Regwrite ""HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\legalnoticetitle"",""ATTENTION!"", ""REG_SZ"", Key.Regwrite ""HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\legalnoticecaption"",""Your PC has been wrecked by Bolbi!"", ""REG_SZ"", Key.Regwrite ""HKCU\Control Panel\International\s1159"",""Bolbi"", ""REG_SZ"", Key.Regwrite ""HKCU\Control Panel\International\s2359"",""Bolbi"", ""REG_SZ"""
  683. Is good?
  684. Ok
  685. OH NOOO
  686. I'm runned Bolbi on my real PC
  687. Pls help me
  688. Bolbi is a trojan .vbs is destroy your PC and i'm get this
  689. I'm get code
  690. You a 9 years old
  691. i'm 18 years
  692. OH No
  693. Pls help me
  694. Bolbi say is make my Pc Toast
  695. Leurak
  696. I want to run VineMemz on school
  697. Can give license for this?
  698. Why?
  699. Lol untitled
  700. Xd
  701. I want to run VineMemz on my teacher pc
  702. Yes
  703. VineMemz say
  704. Copyright Oleg N Scherbakov
  705. But
  706. VineMemz required Windows 8+
  707. Because is a meme
  708. But why not work without admin rights?
  709. Yes
  710. VineMemz is extract itself for temp
  711. Can this work without admin rights?
  712. If teacher use win 7
  713. Can't destroyed by VineMemz
  714. In this way use bolbi trojan
  715. But bolbi require admin rights to make magic
  716. Simly use GoldenEye ransomware is no require admin rights
  717. Not breaking
  718. I'm 18
  719. You are not
  720. I'm 18
  721. Petya vs Not petya vs Mischa vs GoldenEye vs VineMemz vs VineSauce
  722. Who win?
  723. And hate smoking
  724. I'm hate smoking
  725. I think not sure
  726. I think is fake bonzify
  727. Leurak I don't understand why change your nickname to compiled Leurak
  728. But
  729. Your Vine Memz code is work
  730. Must have brain to compile VineMemz
  731. Your brain dead
  732. I'm compiled VineMemz
  733. But I compiled
  734. Video say I'm not liar
  735. But is compiled
  736. View video with download link
  737. Leurak can give me source code of Microsoft Windows?
  738. Bill Gates?
  739. Oh fuck
  740. I'm ask say No
  741. How to decompile Microsoft Windows?
  742. WOW
  743. Bill Gates create Microsoft
  744. Or Microsoft Create Bill Gates?
  745. Leurak can give me source code of Windows 10?
  746. Why?
  747. But how decompile Windows?
  748. I know files of windows installation but
  749. need source code of Windows
  750. Windows is maked in Assembly?
  751. Oh shit
  752. I hate assembly
  753. mov oh
  754. Windows 10 is written in assembly?
  755. Pls say No
  756. Pls
  757. Why Microsoft not publish source code?
  758. I want to get Windows source code and share to global world
  759. Simple VineMemz
  760. Yes
  761. I'm this time test VineMemz on Windows Vista
  762. Windows Vista is installing....
  763. Is better to test on real PC?
  765. I LOVE C++
  766. C# sucks
  767. Vista is run good
  768. on VM sure
  769. Dm4uz you a retard
  770. Despacit oh you a special retard and ullr to
  771. Ultrasonic
  772. You a fucking retard
  773. are the only retarded person in here @Andrej Akan#5066
  774. Dm4uz3 pls not pin my message s
  775. Ok
  776. I'm compiled VineMemz
  777. I'm not genius
  778. You a big nothing
  779. VineMemz = done
  780. But
  781. Why Leurak don't give me source code for windows 10?
  782. Lol
  783. Is 3 GB code?
  784. I hate Ida because decompilling in assembly
  785. Can you write Bonzify in assembly?
  786. Bonzify code never publish?
  787. I think bonzify never publish because is fake trojan
  788. Wtf you in Hospital?
  789. Why you in hospital?
  790. And why you make VineMemz license to allow to share VineMemz?
  791. Oh
  792. but
  793. You license for Bonzify say
  794. "Commercial use = Yes,  Modification = Yes,  Distribution = Yes,  Private use = Yes"
  795. You license say yes
  796. Readme say
  797. "Bonzify, READ THIS BEFORE YOU SUBMIT AN ISSUE, , Source Code will be coming soon™, because I have to improve the rushed code a lot, add disclaimers and stuff..."
  798. Leurak you say don't allow to share it
  799. but License allows
  800. Leurak you change the License?
  801. I'm not annoying
  802. Leurak say license don't allow to share it but allows
  803. _WiPet#1337 you retarted
  804. i'm compiled VineMemz not you
  805. Bonzify contains Copyright (C) Leurak?
  806. _WiPet#1337 is retard ):
  807. God is not exist
  808. Because
  809. God not maked Universe
  810. Big Bang maked universe
  811. Is impossible to know
  812. But space not exist before big bang
  813. But
  814. What happened if Space not exist?
  815. Why?
  816. VineMemz code is very easy to understand
  817. And fix it
  818. VineMemz = Copyright Oleg N. Scherbakov?
  819. Why?
  820. Because you Leurak use 7-Zip SFX Maker
  821. Is extract VineMemz as MEMZ.exe in %TEMP% and run it
  822. is true?
  823. Yes and my VineMemz is run 2 more time say
  824. Cloud not overwrite %temp%\MEMZ.exe
  825. Yes and is extract data folder to temp
  826. Like this
  827. VineMemz.sfx.exe
  828. This is Oleg N Scherbakov
  829. Standard is copyright of Igor Pavlov
  830. Yes
  831. I'm use this to make MEMZ.7z
  832. And method LZMA not LZMA2
  833. and compiled with 7-Zip SFX maker of Oleg N Scherbakov
  834. Oleg N. Scherbakov vs Igor Pavlov
  835. Igor Pavlov 10000% die
  836. Because is make VineMemz with LZMA2
  837. And Compile with Oleg N Scherbakov SFX
  838. And run
  839. Say
  840. Unsupported Method
  841. LZMA is ok
  842. is working with this
  843. This is use to make VineMemz
  844. I'm sure is require net framework to install this
  845. but VineMemz.sfx.exe is not require to Install net framework
  846. And get this
  847. Would like to run?
  848. This is type for VineMemz
  849. Details
  850. I would like to add Copyright of Leurak of my custom Bonzi Installer
  851. Leurak can give me license to this?
  852. And i'm builded MEMZ
  853. 3.0
  854. Without warning
  855. and send to my friends
  856. 18
  857. I'm build MEMZ on Visual Studio 2010
  858. VineMemz = Visual Studio 2015
  859. Because older version don't support Windows 8.1 features to desktop
  860. I want to run Bolbi Trojan on my Vista PC
  861. Do this?
  862. Ok wait
  863. I'm downloading bolbi
  864. Do this?
  865. Click on bolbi?
  866. Is 47 KB
  867. not very large
  868. I'm clicked say this
  869. Who click?
  870. Because Bolbi require admin privilegies
  871. DO THIS!
  872. Ok i run VineMemz
  874. Who click?
  875. Ok go Allow
  877. Is VineMemz original you asshole
  878. Fault Module Name:    KERNEL32.dll!K32GetProcessImageFileNameA
  879. Because Windows Vista not support VIneMemz
  880. Windows 8+
  881. Like this
  882. Why this command?
  883. "%SystemRoot%\System32\RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll, UpdatePerUserSystemParameters"
  884. It does not matter Bandicam
  885. but tell me Leurak why VineMemz not work on Windows Vista?
  886. Sexually is very very bad
  887. What?
  888. "Sub Write1, On Error Resume Next, Set fso = CreateObject(""Scripting.FileSystemObject""), Set file = fso.CreateTextFile(User & ""\Desktop\Bolbi.txt""), file.Write ""SLAP SLAP SLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP"", End Sub"
  889. Oh no
  890. i'm run Bolbi on my real PC
  891. pls tell me how to fix PC?
  892. Ok
  893. Ok
  894. But how to make VineMemz works on Windows Vista?
  895. Leurak
  896. Why if run VineMEMZ on Windows Vista tell this
  897. And how to fix it?
  898. It's impossible.
  899. Why impossible to run VineMemz on older version of Windows?
  900. If make work on Windows Vista and 7 and older lossing some payloads
  901. On Windows 7 tell
  903. problem
  904. taskkill /f /im explorer.exe && start explorer.exe
  905. Nothing
  906. Leurak can give me license to run VineMemz on teacher PC?
  907. Professor
  908. I'm read.exe
  909. You a shit programmer
  910. I'm use a window system to VineMemz to completely hide this
  911. You use console haha
  912. Noob
  913. Yes view in code
  914. I use console subsystem
  915. Is int main
  916. I'm use for VineMemz WinMain
  917. And subsystem window
  918. Idk
  919. Ultrasonic
  920. you a fucking idiot
  921. because use this
  922. "int main(int argc, char **argv) {,     ::ShowWindow(::GetConsoleWindow(), SW_HIDE);"
  924. You a too dumb
  925. "int _stdcall WinMain(HINSTANCE hInst, HINSTANCE hPrevInst, LPSTR lpCmd, int nCmdShow)"
  926. Is the best
  927. You brain dead
  928. And Windows App is usefull
  929. OMG LEURAK I'M FIND ALL Assets and Build VineMemz 0 errors 0 warning i'm test VineMemz on Virtual Machine  and all payloads is works
  930. Sorry leurak but i'm make in future video on youtube VineMemz Download Link + removal
  931. Leurak i'm find 15 assets
  932. Find the Joel sound in .WAV file and softonic sound and cursor file .ani
  933. And I'm build VineMemz 0 errors 0 warning and test on vm
  934. Payloads is working
  935. But why is not good idea to share VineMemz?
  936. "You shared memz, memz is malware"
  937. Danooct1 forum not more existing
  938. Yes you changed the code for VineMemz when run VineMemz you show a warning VineMemz this software is malware blabla I'm remove this warning and run VineMemz is not showing this warning
  939. Leurak i'm 1 comment for VineMemz
  940. VineMemz is very easy to compile and assets very easy to download
  941. I'm 1 question for you leurak
  942. "VineMemz is working on windows 8 and windows 10 i'm tested, but why don't work on windows 98"
  943. ?
  944. How to work on win98?
  945. Why is VineMemz don't work on win98?
  946. What happened if try to run VineMemz on my real PC?
  947. Leurak
  948. VineMemz works on UEFFI Systems?
  949. "I'm give the my friend the sample of VineMemz and my friend is UEFFI Computer run the sample on real PC and all payloads execyted change desktop change cursor, Sounds works and BonziBuddy Works PC on my friend is Crash with message REST IN PISS FOREVER MISS! and Why is MBR dont work?"
  950. Yes
  951. Leurak do I have permission from you to share VineMemz publicly?
  952. "Leurak I did not make VineMemz in theory, but I did it really"
  953. Leurak will once again ask you if I have permission to share VineMemz?
  954. ⎛⎝_Oranż Metylowy_ you cant compile VineMemz because you no have brain
  955. You no have Brain
  956. If haved brain
  957. You compile VineMemz
  958. not me
  959. I'm not a Exe
  960. no
  961. You are a VBS
  962. Ultrasonic can you Jump of  Bridge?
  964. Because no have brain
  965. HAHAHAHA you not have Brain
  966. Magnification.dll in System32
  967. How to smash computer?
  968. Yes xD
  969. But
  970. Is 300 Trillion tons hit to Computer
  971. with speed of 300.000 KM per second
  972. How much faster run PC?
  973. 5 TB RAM?
  974. How to make PC speed work 300.000 KM per second?
  975. I like asteroid to hit to Earth with speed of light
  976. Earth is to badly fucked
  977. You hate Earth?
  978. Who born the Earth and Sun?
  979. What is notch?
  980. taskkill /f /im explorer.exe && start explorer.exe
  981. takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\
  982. icacls C:\Windows\System32  /Grant Users:F
  983. Yes
  984. C++ is so easy
  985. Assembly is so hard!
  986. VineMemz is fixed
  987. VineMemz require Win 8+
  988. VineMemz is the BEST!
  989. What happened if not add?
  990. YES
  991. I'm read
  992. Add disclaimer or not?
  993. Leurak
  994. Thanks you to give me Fixed VineMemz
  995. i'm gonna to share in global world
  997. NOOO
  999. NO
  1000. I'm a genius
  1001. Leurak
  1002. TNX to give me VineMemz
  1003. And i'm maked video for this
  1004. So Leurak
  1005. I'm changed description
  1006. to VineMemz
  1007. Yeah
  1008. is typed Copyright (C) Leurak
  1009. LEURAK VS VINEMEMZ VS GoldenEye vs PcToaster?
  1010. Who win?
  1011. Leurak is a person man and you retard
  1012. but who win?
  1013. But possible to be a trojan
  1014. No this is you
  1015. VineMemz.exe has stopped working
  1016. MEMZ.exe has stopped working
  1017. NullException#6555 has stopped working
  1018. Microsoft Windows has stopped working
  1019. lsass.exe has topped working
  1020. smss.exe has stopped working
  1021. Oh
  1022. I'm compile VineMemz
  1023. You is stupid
  1024. I would like to add this of VineMemz
  1025. "} else {,             if (MessageBoxA(NULL, ""The software you just executed is considered malware.\r\n\, This malware will harm your computer and makes it unusable.\r\n\, If you are seeing this message without knowing what you just executed, simply press No and nothing will happen.\r\n\, If you know what this malware does and are using a safe environment to test, \, press Yes to start it.\r\n\r\n\, DO YOU WANT TO EXECUTE THIS MALWARE, RESULTING IN AN UNUSABLE MACHINE?"", ""VineMEMZ"", MB_YESNO | MB_ICONWARNING) != IDYES ||, MessageBoxA(NULL, ""THIS IS THE LAST WARNING!\r\n\r\n\, THE CREATOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE MADE USING THIS MALWARE!\r\n\, STILL EXECUTE IT?"", ""VineMEMZ"", MB_YESNO | MB_ICONWARNING) != IDYES) {,                 ExitProcess(0);"
  1026. Or not?
  1027. Is my favorite command
  1028. "ShellExecuteW(NULL, L""open"", L""BonziBDY_35.EXE"", L"""", temp, SW_SHOWDEFAULT);"
  1029. "LPCWSTR msg = L""WARNING: Getting rid of Bonzi will also kill your system!"";"
  1030. "LPCWSTR msg = L""WARNING: Getting rid of Leurak will also kill your system!"";"
  1031. And you try to get rid of Leurak
  1032. Is Leurak.exe stopped working
  1033. "LPCWSTR msg = L""WARNING: Getting rid of NullException of discord you will free forever"";"
  1034. Ok
  1035. but why hate me?
  1036. C# Sucks
  1037. C++ the best
  1038. Also C++
  1039. Yes
  1040. but making window
  1041. Yes but C# require Net Framework
  1042. I'm try to make Leurak.exe
  1043. To make Trojan
  1044. But Leurak make VineMemz
  1045. I'm compile
  1046. So make Leurak.exe
  1047. 18
  1048. No but
  1049. Earth die?
  1050. You a silly
  1051. Leurak Bolbi destroy my PC
  1052. is a VBS but
  1053. if run ask for admin privelege
  1054. And i'm say Yes
  1055. You a dumb
  1056. Pls help me
  1057. Make this steps
  1058. Pic of you
  1059. Ok
  1060. Ok
  1061. Ok
  1062. Ok
  1063. If say add Disclaimer one more time i'm run VineMemz on my real PC
  1064. Ok downloaded
  1065. Ready to run?
  1066. What is say?
  1067. Yes or No?
  1068. How to kill VineMemz?
  1069. NullException kill yourself
  1070. Big Bang maked Universe
  1071. Can destroy it?
  1072. You retarted
  1073. I'm not violent
  1074. No Chris#0538 you retarted
  1075. Fuck the Earth
  1076. Earth planet
  1077. Fuck up
  1078. How to kill planet Earth?
  1079. Tarts?
  1080. WARNING: If getting rid of Earth Planet is kill yourself
  1081. STOP: c0000350 the transport determined that the remote system is down.
  1082. Earth is exist
  1083. but how to kill it?
  1084. Earth is very bigger
  1085. But Big Bang maked universe
  1086. How to get rid of Solar System?
  1087. But how to kill Earth?
  1088. tell me Leurak
  1089. You cant survive in space
  1090. Yes survive on other planet
  1091. World Become a crushed (:
  1092. Yes
  1093. OH SHIT
  1094. LEURAK.EXE vs Chris#0538.EXE?
  1095. Who win?
  1096. No
  1097. Is delete Solar System
  1098. Is better
  1099. Sun will explode of 5 billion years in future
  1100. And Fuck the Earth
  1101. I'm maked malware that infect Leurak.exe
  1102. Ok
  1103. I'm make Leurak Ransomware
  1104. and share in global world
  1105. If run Leurak.exe you MBR is overwritten
  1106. and encrypt HDD
  1107. Like Petya code
  1108. And not show Petya
  1109. Shown a note
  1110. Pay to Leurak
  1112. The Harddisk of your computer have been encrypted with and millitary grade encryption algorithm
  1113. There is no way to restore your data
  1114. You can recover your files with special key generated by Leurak
  1115. 1. Go to Dark Web
  1116. Go to Leurak123231xRansom.onion
  1117. Pay 300 worth of bitcoin to Leurak
  1118. and recover your files
  1119. And is use Enternal Blue
  1120. and Double Pulsar
  1121. to spread in global world
  1122. And Leurak Ransomware is a edited version of Petya Ransomware
  1123. if you run Leurak.exe
  1124. first overwrite MBR
  1125. and drops key in 37 sector
  1126. and crash system
  1127. with status code 0xc0000350
  1128. What is batcc?
  1129. I'm run GoldenEye ransomware on my real PC
  1130. Do it?
  1131. Is encrypt my HDD
  1132. And edit GoldenEye
  1133. 18
  1134. YEAH
  1135. NO
  1136. Aes is shit
  1137. Salsa20 is best
  1138. How to kill VineMemz.exe
  1139. tell me
  1140. LOL
  1141. ""lool am nut falng for thet prenk ootabx.""
  1142. Death vs Live
  1143. Who win?
  1144. Added
  1145. I think you a god but you a junk of shit
  1146. Say Magistr virus
  1147. I'm old 1 billion year
  1148. Yes
  1149. 1 billion year
  1150. No wait
  1151. I'm old 100 billion year
  1152. VineMemz is fake trojan
  1153. VineMemz = Fake
  1154. MEMZ = Fake
  1155. define
  1156. or .exe
  1158. What is win?
  1159. I try to make Leurak OS
  1160. vinememz vs memz vs Oranż Metylowy vs leurak vs joel vs global world vs vinesause vs Compiled Leurak vs i'm read.exe
  1161. You are homo
  1162. I'm hate Earth
  1163. No thanks
  1165. I'm hate assembly very much
  1166. Pls not write in assembly
  1167. No i love C++
  1168. You a Homo confuse
  1169. Can decompile the Petya to C++ with ida?
  1171. No thanks you go away
  1172. PETYA.A vs GoldenEye.A
  1173. What is win?
  1174. No
  1175. I'm ask Petya.A vs GoldenEye.A who win?
  1176. You a Petya i'm a GoldenEye
  1177. HAHA
  1178. No you a petya
  1179. You is Petya
  1180. I'm GoldenEye
  1181. i know
  1182. GoldenEye.A is a Petya.C
  1183. Why hate Earth?
  1184. USA
  1185. Untitled States
  1186. or United States
  1187. What the fuck
  1188. LOL
  1189. Is a montage
  1190. I'm go to die
  1191. Is a Joke no Thanks you go to die
  1192. I'm a god of Space
  1193. I'm maked Milky Way Galaxy
  1194. About 13.6 Billion Years ago
  1195. I'm maked planets
  1196. "Earth, Sun, Mercury etc..."
  1197. I want to die Sun
  1198. To humans die
  1200. No
  1201. Is return Joel
  1202. Vinesauce
  1203. VineMemz
  1204. And Joel OS
  1205. I'm maked OS
  1206. Would like to install?
  1207. Assembly is shit
  1208. I'm maked my OS in a Win 98
  1209. Windows 98 the BEST
  1210. I'm using Windows 98
  1211. Because C# is shit
  1212. Win 98 the BEST OS IN THE WORLD
  1213. Can convert Assembly to C++
  1214. How?
  1215. I'm have gun
  1216. and?
  1217. Ok have gun
  1218. Then?
  1219. Then?
  1220. Then?
  1221. Ok i will
  1222. I'm died but Big Bang spawn me again to Earth
  1223. Oh No
  1224. Oh no why Again big bang spawn me to Earth?
  1225. I hate Earth
  1226. Big Bang
  1227. Theory
  1228. Get VineMemz
  1229. Lol compiled Leurak pinned a message to this channel some times
  1230. Who messages pinned?
  1231. What???
  1232. Idk
  1233. Tell me how to get speed of light?