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Screenshot of site(20 October 2021)

Public HFS instance created by Aye.


Username: collabvm

Password: 1

Many Forkies utilize AyeHosting for uploading malware and other shit.

If you want me to remove any files or folders that violate TOS, let me know in discord.


  • Aye#9102
  • Aye#9252

Serious inquiries only.


If you wanna get a private account and password-secured folder, then contact AyeSupport#5147 or Aye#9102 on the platform Discord...

No money required!


20.10.2021 Fixed Discord icon, as well fonts can be broken, funny cache problem!

12.09.2021 Ah yes, it still works, you can visit my site.

11.09.2021 Funny buttons were updated with added animations when you hover over that.

10.09.2021 The information did move to a small button, just press it!

09.08.2021: AyeHosting does not work (at least for me), but it does work on CollabVM.

22.06.2021: XSS is now fixed, as a result, comments were disabled.

Accessing AyeHosting

Open a web browser then go to one of the pages below.

Make sure it is NOT HTTPS and that it is HTTP without security or else it can't connect

Add site to exceptions for AV if it is blocked by anti-virus.

Primary (IP)

amogus.uk (domain)

Other (dead)

ayehosting.online (second domain)


Screenshot of site(12 June 2021)
Screenshot of site(13 September 2021)