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Battle for Dream Island (Or BFDIA, IDFB, BFB (along with its recent faggy spinoff TPOT), and StopRebootingItAndLetThisShitDie) is a shitty webshow that forkies watch. It's balls, and anyone who attempts saying otherwise is an 100% objectfag.


Objectfags are autists that overlap with GoAnimate and often use grounded threats because they are retarded. Some of them edit logos all day, which is very boring, and have titles that I can only describe as "KLASKY CSOOPO IN CUM EFFECT!!!!!!!1111!!!1".

How to spot an objectfag on CollabVM

  • Mostly has a long gofag name (unless it's a guest). e. g. BFDIAndStevenUniverseYes CaillouAndBarneyNo AUTTP VGCP KTKK 2011. (can be way longer).
    • Or a Logo Editor name. e.g. MediaArgentinan LogoEffectsMaker 2009
  • Watch BFDI on the VMs.
  • Do objectfag shit on VMs in general.
  • 94% of them are oversensitive.

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