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The so called BFDI Wiki Raid

How it started?

Certain guests, Udk, Prometheus, and more influenced people to do this.

Who was exactly involved in it?

  • Udk (yandere chan)
  • Prometheus
  • Vukand12 (Vector)
  • icanttellyou
  • Random Guests

Which actions were commited?

Spam of Articles, Uploading swatiska onto the wiki, Uploading goaste, BFDI porn from another wiki, and lots of more.

When did it start?

The first BFDI wiki raid was on June 22nd 2019.

Which VM it happened on

The original raid that started it all was on VM1
For others:

  • VM1 (Windows 7)
  • VM4 (Debian)

What happened after the raid?

CollabVM was IP banned from the wikia, but in future raids we used FireX Proxy.

Will there be other raids in the future?

We are not sure but, probably no.