Blitting to the screen in WinAPI

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In Windows it is possible to blit to the entire screen using BitBlt() and other GDI functions.

Example C source code:

// Sample for Wiki Article  
// Forever until killed keeps inverting the screen.
// Tested on mingw-w64 i686, using the following compile command
// i686-w64-mingw-gcc wiki-dc.c -o wiki-dc -lgdi32 -mwindows 

#include <windows.h>

void DCFuckThrd(){
        int w = GetDeviceCaps(GetDC(NULL), HORZRES);
        int h = GetDeviceCaps(GetDC(NULL), VERTRES);
                BitBlt(GetDC(NULL), 0, 0, w, h, GetDC(NULL), 0, 0, NOTSRCCOPY);

int main() {
        DWORD tid;
        HANDLE a = CreateThread(NULL, 0, DCFuckThrd, NULL, 0, &tid);
        WaitForSingleObject(a, INFINITE);