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Bob Pony is some fucking brony that cums to TeamViewer and oh-so-popular for his discord "bot". Also enjoys a spanish bootleg of TeamViewer, called "Supremo" (YES IT DOES SOUND MEXICAN). Also, feel free to chaturbate in his discord: His only redeeming quality is his support for Donald Trump. Also, feel free to end up getting doxxed by his community (on his discord) who are sexually attracted to vib-ribbon

Someone under the alias Cun7666 edited the Bob Pony Wikitubia page to contain a blurred image of a grey dick, and added a piece of trivia calling him a "massive c u n t" and his viewers "toxic c u n t s". This appears to be in retaliation to him convincing someone under the alias Windows Vienna to stop the development of a modified version of Windows, also named Windows Vienna, more than anything else, but this could be wrong.

The edit was initially going to be much more toxic and shitposty, but it was rejected by a bot.