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BonziWORLD is a website that only fucking retards go.

If you deny it, then you're a Bonzifag.


Bonzifags usually flood or inject skiddie code into BonziWORLD to annoy other people in BonziWORLD. They're also responsible for Coronavirus.exe.

They also post virus links on BonziWORLD to infect others which is easily avoidable because common sense, which is usually a mega link to a old rogue that does not work anymore or a old virus that uses outdated technology (i.e. Outlook 2000 routines, primitive destruction methods like deleting or editing autoexec to format the C drive on startup) that does not work anymore.

Types of BonziWORLD

BonziWORLD Revived

This BonziWORLD has wide variety of features and characters, but it has disadvantages such as certain YouTube videos cannot be played. It is mainly due to the server is being accessed with IP address, while it never happened on original BonziWORLD ( Actually, it has a domain now. However, like any Bonzifag, its owner advertised his BonziWORLD website here. According to its source code, its source code used to have, and probably have statements that defame other BonziWORLD server owners. Anyways, every BonziWORLD server owners are Bonzifags who worth nothing on the Internet.

It closed down and replaced with BonziWORLD 2.

BonziWORLD 2

This BonziWORLD is created by same person as BonziWORLD Revived owner, and it is way more downgraded version of the BonziWORLD Revived. Bonzifags sometimes go there due to ease of access on Collab VM. Access to public room is banned for Collab VM, after bonzifags pissed off one user and said user made Collab VM to get banned from that BonziWORLD.

Still, it doesn't change the thing that BonziWORLD site is very retarded.

The site got closed down.


Unlike other BonziWORLD Servers, This one has a official minecraft server. It has minigames, but the most popular one is Mob Wars. It even has it's own wiki. This time, instead of being BWR Wiki, it is a wiki of a minecraft server, which it has some inspiration from Mineplex.

New! BonziWORLD

This BonziWORLD had Windows 10 UI and was powered by BonziWORLD Revived's open source. It was more SJW version of BonziWORLD, removing some elements that would be not "Politically Correct". When it was online, it used to block access from Collab VM with Cloudflare, due to native banning didn't work, according to its owner. The website is now sold to a weeb and turned into an anime school website.

This BonziWORLD is one that is the closest form with original BonziWORLD. Access from Collab VM is banned for 5 years because of retards spreading NSFW links and virus links there.

Bonzifags vs Gachafags

Bonzifags share many aspects with Gachafags.


Bonzifags are mostly immature kids, as well as server owners sometimes show signs of immaturity. Their average age is 12 and that shows the reason why they act like retards. It also shows why some users install BonziBuddy on vm.

Recently, on one of testing web apps made by owner of New! BonziWORLD, some bonzifags (Likely to be seamus followers) left hate comments.

Illogical Actions

Bonzifags, especially most of BonziWORLD server owners, usually show hypocrisy to others. One time, there was a "battle" between BonziWORLD Revived and New! BonziWORLD, over used assets. BonziWORLD Revived owner claimed that New! BonziWORLD stole an asset, but it turned out to be BonziWORLD Revived was open source (and still is open source). The totally not stolen BonziWORLD Revived source code is available for anyone to use on GitHub. On BonziWORLD Revived, they still defame former owners of two servers that were fork of BonziWORLD Revived, according to its source code.


Bonzifags do act like hypocrite. A "copyright war" between two BonziWORLD servers shows complete example of the hypocrisy. BonziWORLD Revived use MSAgent characters without consent of Microsoft. They don't even credit Microsoft for use of MSAgent characters.

In addition, this incident with copying templates from Computernewb Wiki shows the complete example of the hypocrisy and immaturity of the BonziWORLD community.

Overlapping with GoFags and GachaFags

The user base of BonziWORLD mostly overlap with Gachafags and GoFags.

Bossy Behavior

This applies for BonziWORLD owners. They ban random people with reason that are not even on their rules. Some of owners act like a complete SJW and ban people who says anything against SJWs. They treat BonziWORLD like some kind of BBS, like how most of GoFags or Gachafags on YouTube have some stupid thing called "Channel Rules".

Causing Mess at Other Sites

Bonzifags normally cause mess about users / server owners they hate, by posting defamatory statement about such users / server owners.

Bonzifags usually do this shit stated here. Wow.