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The BonziWorld Revived Wiki is the wiki for BonziWorld Revived (otherwise known as the wiki that banned CVM admins for absolutely no reason).

The main drama piece™

Well, it all began when DFU and ICTY told Seamus to fuck off and stop using stuff that was ours. He did so.. and that was the end of it.

Or was it? Because the dumb whore immediately turned around and went on a Hitler-style rampage about "CVMfags" (you alright there, Seamus?) which prompted DFU to parade about how Seamus, BonziWorld Revived, and its wiki were absolute fucking garbage (it's truuuue). The reason I say "Hitler-style" is because they banned one of our other admins for simply making a funny edit on the Sandbox page.

They haven't really shown progress since.

Aaand it's fine now.

Oh okay, I guess the problem's solved. Nice.


The wiki has fucking died and got deleted due to policy violations and 162719 raids. And the funny thing is it only lasted a month. RIP wiki.

seamus is back at it again

god fucking damn it they're slandering us whyyyyyyyyyyy

subsequently they may also be violating the mit license but i'd have to research it further B)

Yay it's down

Thanks god it closed down, as BonziWORLD Revived closed down, according to its main page. [1]