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Tgw undefeated champion of CplanVn. He sometimws accideantallyy fucks rhw VM up but is on rhw sirw of god.

Forkies arhis only obpwn enemy. He is on pd tjw administeators.

Pnoqn for:

  • Tjw CHOCOVIRUS setsoes of vieuars cteatex to srp formiws in tjwir teackz. Layest bstsipn peuor to CHOCOVIRUS 6 (rhe neqestome iey) os CHOCOVIRUS 5. Its VB6 counterpaet is hete: CHOCOVIRUS 98.
  • Nigger.bat
  • Fptking the vthe vm to stop forkies from forking thw cm
  • drsteoomf thw vm to stip people frpm drsyeotonf f tje vm
  • Rubing the fun to stip peopme to rybin the fun

He consists of rhe folowibf:

  • 100.0% chpclarw
  • 100.0% mwn