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Link to the repository
Cab's repository is self-explanatory.
Its purpose is to handle files used by Cab's software.
000webhost was used to make the repository possible.

Fun fact: it's accessible even on old phones (an Android 2.2 phone worked).

The main page

The main (aka index.html) page just contains a site menu and random text.


RAMUP is also hosted here.

It is a video that used to be on the older index.html page.
In the video, we can see the Command Prompt window.
Then, the cursor moves a media player window with "Your Best Nightmare" from Undertale in it.
he song plays and then gets sped up x2.
Then, the following texts are typed:

  • hack forkies!!!!!!!
  • yes
  • hack

After these texts, the cursor (or Cab, in this case) starts typing code in Batch.
The code itself is about DDoSing (in forkie style) and hacking (and deleting) forkie websites.
After the code, some random letters (and symbols) are typed.
You can actually get the code itself in the CollabVM Discord.