Calub Veim's Wacky Adventures

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Calub Veim's Wacky Adventures is a web series on the CollabVM YouTube Channel, starring everybody's favorite Calub Veim and his wacky adventures across CollabVM Land.

Calub Veim's Inbox

A cartoon of the series, in this series Calub Veim checks his inbox for emails sent by fellow members of CollabVM.


Calub Veim

  • Voiced by: Microsoft Sam

A very original character OC donut steel, he is the main character of Calub Veim's Wacky Adventures. He is a sentient computer who is currently taking possession of another famous asshole who checks his e-mail. He hates forkies, assholes, 12 year olds, and MEMZ.

Generic Faggot

Generic Faggot.png
  • Voiced by: Adult Male #1

The Generic Faggot is usually spottable by his barely coherent sentences and strange grammatical contractions which do not exist in the real world. He loves MEMZ, deleting the registry, Windows logos, and opening windows, and hates functioning computers, IQ tests, job applications, and a stable registry.