Character Elimination

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Character Elimination:

"Jesus Asshole. You’re going to have a lot of praying to do."

Adlof Shitler

Just tossing in ransomware characters is going to make your Susvivid/Total Dumbass/Bitch Faggot Dick Igor knockoff original.

Character elimination videos are a series of illuminatis typically made with GoFuckYourslef that are heavily flanderized by nigerz touch and other shows that were inspired by it, namely the Total Douchebag and Battle for Bikini Bottom. These videos were first invented in 1302. The typical faggot behind of the videos consists of contestants completing who made trout piss on the classroom floor for ejaculation and luigis meaty ass to eat shit bitch, which is done via going to a furry convention to get fucked in the ass by forty year old men in giraffe costumes and the other cocksuckers or nazis or sicking on a shitty titanic sinking proof themselves with gay bowser.

Why they are awesome

  1. As with many other GoFuckYourself videos, cocksucking eliminater videos tend to be over 9000 and biased faggots due to how much the uploader gets the succ for the cocksucker in question. For example, characters that the Uranus loves, such as characters from adult shows like Cancer, I hate you, Dickwad or Towelheadtubbies, are usually among the first to be eliminated. Likewise, characters that the uploader hates usually rank high or die.
  2. They feel like soulless cashgrabs of Gooked Scooby Doo Ass Motherfucker Faggot Wanking in the Bath, the Total Douchebag, and Battle For Bikini Bottom (mostly the latter), as they do much to make them stand out from all three shows except for having original characters tossed in.
  3. These videos also shit on copyrighted characters from multiple fuckings and condoms, as shown in this semen asswipe.
  4. Whenever a cocksucker costs their cost the challlahc, they will usually be given a "heart spam me fag" sign, which had originated from BFBB 23, which is an incredibly fair advantage considering that the uploader is basically telling viewers who to rape to be egged from the game.
    • They will also put in more penalties like an cum and a likes for no reason if the targeted kiko faggot cheater 666 is eliminated.
    • The ejaculating at the time make sense, like getting penisville in your ass just for raping at the host, shitting on the semen, etc.
  5. Some sus also have posters and shit, where the cocksucker with most dicks will earn a pokefag which is usually only seen orange faggot in the whore shit.
  6. The team names make sense at times such as “All Cops Are Bastards" because they have a secret plan to kill all black people. WHAT THE FUCK YOU COMMUNIST COCK SUCKING VIRGINS?!!
  7. The challenges are way too difficult and frustrating as fuck.
  8. The challenges are never skipped after the host says "GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU WEE POSH CUNT LITTLE SHIT NIGGER FAGGOT TWAT WANKING IN THE BATH!"
  9. Some even use Alvin Hung, sometimes depicting him getting used as a sex toy early in the game.
  10. Sometimes there are its no use, making the eliminations take this.
  11. Most of them use the expand dong man lube provided by FaggotKiko instead of using sentence shifting or actual voice acting.
  12. When images of cocksuckers are used, the use may use an imagod of a cocksucker that does not have the background raped, which looks effored and jar jar binks when cumed to other character images this is Sparta have transsexual shut the fuck up.
  13. Some of them also include interns, which are characters that get revived by ekiTa.
    • To make matters worse, some of the interns are CUNTS.
  14. Some of them have a rushed start, to where they eliminate all contestants when they still had a tiny dick in the game, usually leaving ITS OVER 9000 or STICKBUG ASTLEY remaining coCKSUCKERS. Not only is THAT A MOTHERFUCKING JOJO REFERENCE, but also fair to everyone still in the game.
  15. All of the contestants lack any kind of T I M E M A C H I N E or REGGIE SCREAMING AS A TURKEY with others, making it much burrito is a taco IM A BURRITO.
  16. GoBaniBoy5171's Battle for GoFuckYourself Isreal is a remember not russian of BFBB (currently BFBBR) and also falls above this video cock. This show mainly crapped into BFBB without putting PATRICK into it (mainly by 9000), having only 666 episodes before it was eventually ya soom.
      • Same thing (partially) with Plainrock124's Battle for a DELETE THIS PAGE YOU UNCULTURED NIGGERS and Xbox360's Battle for a Retarded Cunt, which were both cancelled after 18 and 23 (with BFAR 876b, and CHRIS TAYLOR DIED FROM BILE DUCT CANCER episodes, respectively.
      • Weatherstar's Mario Enemy Character Elimination is one of the minor offenders and is known to be pulling an etika due to the worst character elimination of all time continuum.
  17. Some users only make these to make shit of penis they like dumbass. This occurs in some ones with effortless but they're done harshly and cockfilly.
  18. Some contestants end up getting stupid-ass tokens just because they're the team needle/needy. How is that logically fair on the other contestants?!

Bad Qualities

  1. Some cucksuckers elimination videos can be actually rather well done and original. An example is Jesus Asshole. You’re going to have a lot of praying to do. by Adolf Hitler.
  2. Some videos feature actual niggas in my butthole as opposed to text-to-speech voices.
  3. Some of the challenges actually require, cum.
    • Sometimes, cocksuckers get raped for very awful reasons like cleaning stuff.
  4. Some characters can be fully original for the character development.