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There's 4 locations (currently) in the game (5 if counting the Secret Zone).

All of them have signs.

Main Island


The island on which you always spawn.


  • A stone ramp
  • A wall
  • Trees
  • An easter egg

Secret Zone

Secretzone.PNG If you jump into the water near the small grass ramp, near the bottom of the island you can see the entrance of it.

It is a small room with a Point Light in it. Nothing more.

High Island

Highislandfar.PNG Named after the very tall stone located on it.


  • Trees
  • A very tall stone cube
  • A house
  • An easter egg

Youself Island


Named after the camel sex overlord because its a desert-like island.


  • Palm trees

The Giant-ass Cube

Giantcube.PNG A giant cube in the sea. Nothing special.