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CollabSquad is a notorious organization of nerds known for hacking YouTube accounts, especially ones that use GoAnimate. Yes, this is an ACTUAL group, no joke. (!!!)

CollabSquad has hacked famous YTers, including the verified user, Nikkicrafter55 (no shit), and a 2k subscriber that used GoAnimate, ABT1000 (no shit either).

CollabSquad was first known as CollabCorp, and their first ever target was Nikki. After hacking Nikki, they found out about a music company named CollabCorp, so they renamed themselves to CollabSquad and is now the CollabSquad we all know and love today.

On a unknown date (I'm too lazy to look it up :^)), CollabSquad was closed due to laziness and a lack of vulnerable targets. And then was the end of CollabSquad.

The story of how ABT1000 got hacked (Very heavily hated by CollabSquad)

ABT1000, otherwise known as AngryBirdsTunes1000, was a 2k subscribed user on YouTube (at the time when the account didn't get hacked).

With over 1k videos, almost every user loved his animations that he made using GoAnimate.

But then...

On August 19th of a unknown year, ABT was hacked by CollabSquad, and all of his videos were renamed to 'HACKED BY COLLABSQUAD!', including them making 2 of their own videos named 'WE ARE COLLABSQUAD' and 'HACKED BY COLLABSQUAD'.

Hacked users

Hacked and lost account:

Hacked and recovered account: