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Here are a few frequently asked questions for CollabVM, Computernewb, and the Virus Farm.


Q1. What is CollabVM?

CollabVM is a website where you can control a virtual machine from your browser with several other people.

Q2. How do I use it?

Select your VM of choice, and wait for your turn. If you are waiting for a turn a counter will be displayed on the bottom of the VM showing how long you have to wait. If there are no turns, you will be given one immediately.

Q3. The VM is really messed up/slow/won't boot up anymore, what can I do?

If the VM does not start up or is really messed up, you should click the "Vote for Reset" button to start a vote which will reset the VM back to a clean state. If the vote reset button is not there, or you cannot begin a vote reset please email the CollabVM team (contact details below) and it will be fixed.

Q4. Where can I contact the CollabVM dev team?

The dev team can be reached at

You can contact Dartz (the current owner of CollabVM) through the dev team email, on Discord (dartz#9462) or via Skype (randomfrguy2).

Q5. A few names have a blue/yellow background, what does it mean?

If a user has a blue background, that means they are currently in control of the virtual machine. If a user has a yellow background, they are waiting for a turn. If they have no background color, they aren't taking or waiting for a turn.

Q6. What happens if the VM is shut down?

Common shut down methods have been removed, but if the VM is shut down, it will start right back up (assuming it has not been destroyed).

Q7. What specifications do these VMs have?

The official VMs have the following specifications:

  • Windows 7 (VM #1): 4 GB of RAM, Intel Core i5-2400 CPU (3.10 GHz), Standard Graphics Card with a 125 GB virtual hard drive.
  • Windows XP (VM #2): 1 GB of RAM, Intel Core i5-2400 CPU (3.10 GHz), Cirrus Graphics Card with a 50 GB virtual hard drive.
  • Windows 10/Lubuntu (VM #3): 2 GB of RAM, Intel Core i5-2400 CPU (3.10 GHz), Standard Graphics Card with a 200 GB virtual hard drive.
  • Windows XP (VM #4): 1 GB of RAM, QEMU64 CPU (2 GHz), Cirrus Graphics Card with a 50 GB virtual hard drive.

Q8. CollabVM won't load! What's happening?!

If it doesn't load, make sure the following extensions have not been installed:

  • NoScript
  • uMatrix
  • Ghostery (known to affect some users of CollabVM)

If you have these addons installed, make an exception for CollabVM in them and try connecting again.

If you don't have them, please email the developer team.

Q9. Can I be banned?

It is possible to be banned from CollabVM, if you violate the rules. You can be warned or permanently banned depending on how severe the violation is. Read the rules here.

Q10. When I enter the site, I get a message saying "OOPS! You got banned from CollabVM."

Before contacting, make sure you do not have a VPN/proxy on. Common VPN services have been blocked from accessing CollabVM to prevent abuse.

If you don't have a VPN/proxy on, the IP you are using has either been accidentally banned, or has been banned for severe rule violations.

If you feel you have been wrongly banned, contact the team through the above method.

Q11. The computer is asking me to login, what's the password?

There is no password on any of the main VMs by default. If there is one, then somebody put it there. Start a vote reset if you cannot login.

Q12. Who coded and designed CollabVM?

CollabVM was created and written by Cosmic Sans and Dartz.

Q13. It's stuck at a blank screen and on the top left it says "serial console" or "parallel console", help?

Press CTRL + ALT + 1 to get rid of this screen.

Q14. The keyboard is stuck or is opening shortcuts, help?

Press CTRL, ALT, and the Windows key. This will unstick the keys. You can use your physical or the virtual keyboard to do this.

Q15. Is it safe to view this at work, school, etc?

Sometimes it is, other times not. Before you can connect, the computer screen is censored and you must click through the warning before anything is visible. However, I would avoid connecting to the site from an office place entirely, since users can open anything NSFW, including porn, and even setting it as the wallpaper for example.

Q16. Is NSFW allowed?

You can browse any NSFW content so long as it isn't illegal.

Q17. Can I run viruses?

You can run any virus on any of the VMs as long as it doesn't break any of the rules.

Q18. Will I break the VM if I go to on it?

Do not do this! Doing so will rip a hole in the space time continuum and there's no telling what will happen. Dinosaurs could roam the earth again, Adolf Hitler could reign once more, or even something catastrophic such as the universe collapsing in on itself could occur!

Just kidding, nothing interesting happens, but you're free to try.

Q19. How is this all hosted?

The official VMs are hosted from a server with 16 gigabytes of RAM, using the project CollabVM Server (a fork of Guacamole) which was designed for the site.

Q20. Is this project open source?

Yes, you can find the links to the source code here.

Virus Farm

Q1. What is the Virus Farm?

The Virus Farm is powered by a CollabVM extension known as the "Agent". The CollabVM Agent can be seen in action on VM #4.

The Virus Farm is dedicated to uploading and showcasing viruses in a fun, safe environment.

Q2. Can I get a virus from it?

There is no way to get a virus from merely viewing the nodes, you are 100% safe. However, if you decide to connect via a remote tool, TeamViewer, etc, we can't guarantee your safety!

Q3. How do I upload a file?

To upload a file, click the "Upload File" (if it's not there, wait until the VM boots up or start a vote reset), find the file you want to upload, and click "Upload File". You can upload any file so long as it follows the rules.

Q4. Why are the nodes randomly restarting?

The node will restart if the connection to the Virus Farm loader is lost (known as csrss.exe on XP nodes and loader.exe on 7 nodes). It will also restart if the computer is no longer responding, the VM is turned off, or the VM is vote reset.

Q5. Is this project legal?

This project is not illegal as far as we know, we are giving you full permission to infect and destroy our nodes so it's perfectly fine.

Q6. Are all the nodes clean installs?

The official VMs do not have any clean installs, VM #4 has applications such as Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Office, .NET Framework, etc installed by default.