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Obsolete.png This page references a discontinued product, and is very likely no longer relevant to the current version of the software (if such exists).
CollabVM CSharp.png
Developer(s) modeco80 (aka ir0nlake)
License hahah, there isn't one (well yet)
Platforms Windows, GNU/Linux
Architectures amd64, i386, other architectures will probably be implemented soon (maybe)
Release date N/A

CollabVM2.Server (Git: collab-vm-server) was yet another version of the CollabVM server. It was yet another open source server that could power CollabVM Mirrors and User VMs, amongst other things.

The server could be run on Linux, Windows works too, but really anything that can compile (and probably run) the C# project worked as well.

This server has been discontinued and is no longer being developed.


Minimum Requirements

  • RAM:
    • Don't know, not out.
  • Processor:
    • "Can it run QEMU?" (Recommended: Any modern (though you could probably run this bitch on a Pentium 2) Intel/AMD CPU, preferably greater than 2GHz with VT-x (sidenote, don't forget to turn it on) for optimal VM Performance.)
  • Disk space required:
    • 40 or something megabytes for collab-vm-server (Hint: we don't fucking know!) (Recommended: 4+ gigabytes of free space, for virtual machines and such)
  • Operating System:
    • Listen, I don't know what this shit should run on, but if it can run Visual (Cock) Studio (Probably 2017) or MonoDevelop there shouldn't be that much shit trying to build the C# project.
  • Other shit you should care about:
    • If you can, use KVM.
  • QEMU:
    • QEMU 0.10 (Recommended: QEMU 2.9 or latest, currently being 4.0, christ.)