CollabVM Battle Royale

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CollabVM Battle Royale (or CVM Battle Royale, internal name CVMBR) is an online multiplayer game made by .cab file on Construct 2.

In this game, you play as a computer and you kill others with a fork. In the current version of the game (which is 0.3), "the safe zone" is now a thing, so when the safe zone is shrinking when someone dies they instantly leave.

Currently you can play the game on Cab's repository with the main link or alternative link. Windows/OSX/Linux ports maybe coming soon.

You can also join the discord server.


  • Skins
  • Mobile support

Upcoming features

  • Chat
  • More skins


You play as a computer, and you kill other computers with a fork. If you hold the right mouse button, you will hit 2 times per second. This speed will not change if you spam click.

You have 10 HP. If you die, you instantly respawn. There's also medkits in the game, but they're kinda unfinished.