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Obsolete.png This page references older versions of CollabVM and its server, therefore, (some parts, or the entirety of) the information is irrelevant to the current version of the software.
For CollabVM Server 2.0 releases, please see this page.

Below is a list of CollabVM Server 1.x Releases. You can download older or newer versions of CollabVM Server here.

All versions older than version 1.2.10 are unsupported and will not be updated.


  • Red = Unsupported version. Download links may be included.
  • Orange = Older version, still supported. Download links may be included.
  • Green = Current version, supported. Download link is included.

Release history

Version Released Brief Description Notes End-of-Life Download
1.2.11 "SE SP1" March 16, 2021 Replaces many core libraries Removes websocketpp, ODB, LibOSSP UUID, and fixes many DoS exploits. TBA Download
1.2.10 Plus! January 25, 2021 Moderation overhaul (Admin Abuser's dream) Huge update to CVM 1.2 - contains about 30 new features that'd be too numerous to list here. TBA Download
1.2.9 February 18, 2020 Patches many bugs and abuseable scripts. The planned final version release for CollabVM Server 1.2.x. It fixes Kit, having to edit the admin.min.js, and a few other things. February 18, 2021 Download
1.2.8 July 18, 2019 Fixes several vulnerabilities and makes it easier to run on modern Ubuntu/Debian Fixes many crashing bugs and adds Windows support. February 18, 2020 Download
1.2.7 January 19, 2017 Fixes bug where admin panel password wouldn't save Formerly the final version but is now replaced after vulnerabilities were found. February 18, 2020 Download
1.2.6 December 29, 2016 Fixes annoying vote reset bug. February 18, 2020 Download
1.2.5 December 2, 2016 Fixes segmentation fault and usernames with 0's being rejected. February 18, 2020 Download
1.2.4 October 18, 2016 Adds ability to refresh to change your vote. First open source version. None N/A
1.2.3 September 2, 2016 None N/A
1.2.2 July 5, 2016 Fixes memory leak and changes File Uploads to use HTTP instead of Websockets. N/A
1.2.1 June 14, 2016 Adds support for Virus Farm agent. This is the first version which can use file uploads. N/A
1.2.0 April 5, 2016 Fixes several bugs with the vote reset, and also announces who starts one. N/A March 23, 2016 Same (buggy) vote reset support as 1.1.6. Removed Unicode chat support due to XSS. N/A
1.1.6 March 20, 2016 Adds (buggy) vote reset support. Initially added Unicode chat support. N/A
1.1.5 January 2, 2016 Chat messages limited to 100 characters, anti-spam added, IP limiter added N/A
1.1.4 October 27, 2015 First version to include a chat. N/A
1.1.3 October 22, 2015 N/A
1.1.2 August 23, 2015 N/A
1.1.1 August 1, 2015 N/A
1.1.0 July 28, 2015 First release to use Guacamole. Vulnerable to directory traversal exploit N/A